100 All Natural Ways to Stay Healthy on the Road

Traveling can take a serious toll on the body. But it doesn’t have to. In fact, traveling can transform you into the healthiest person you’ve ever been.  These 100 All Natural Ways to Stay Healthy on the Road include the practices and tricks I’ve learned in four years of global travel to stay healthy no matter where I am. They’re simple, easy, and inexpensive, and are of course completely natural. Because we all deserve to feel healthy, vibrant, and alive!

What's Included

The ultimate travel wellness kit to keep you prepared on the road.


Advice for staying healthy and sane on long bus rides and overnight flights.


How to eat healthy and stay in shape while still enjoying local cuisine and culture.


Natural remedies to cure travel sickness, fevers, head colds, insect bites, burns, and wounds.


A health guide specific to women, including tips for when you’re on your cycle or get an infection.


Advice for mental and emotional health, to facilitate your journey within.

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