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The Ultimate Guide to
Costa Rica

A trip to Costa Rica will change your life.

If you know where to go. Let me show you the way in this one of a kind ebook, with all of my best tips for planning a magical, transformational trip to Costa Rica. This ebook contains my best recommendations based on years living in this country and traveling pretty much everywhere! 

Plus you can download it instantly and take it anywhere on the road!

What’s Included

A very special Costa Rica bucket list with special experiences that no one should miss!

Detailed destination guides, with the best lodging, restaurants, and activities.

Practical travel info like budgeting, weather, transportation, and more.

Unique, tailor made travel itineraries.

A detailed packing list, safety tips, sustainability guide, and local food guide.

Gorgeous original photos and travel stories.

So much love.

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This eBook is for you if…

You want to save time and easily discover the best experiences, destinations, restaurants, and lodging in Costa Rica

You want to learn the local secrets, from safety to hidden beaches to street food, to ensure an authentic experience.

You want to know the genuine insights, from someone who changed her life in Costa Rica, to plan a trip that will change yours.

Why trust me as your guide?

Hi! I’m Camille! Years ago I felt discontent and unhappy trying to live inside the box of the “American Dream.” So in 2012 I took a huge leap and went to the jungle of Costa Rica. It was supposed to be for a month but… I never went back! Since 2012 I have traveled all over Costa Rica, walked every inch of beach on the South Caribbean, climbed to the highest peaks where few have ever ventured, soaked in springs beneath a volcano, surfed with the sunset on the Nicoya Peninsula, trekked through the wild Osa peninsula with pumas and jaguars, and had so many magical adventures in this country I’m blessed to now call my home. 

I have helped hundreds of thousands of people plan their trips in Costa Rica through my guides, and I am honored to help you with yours! 

Reviews and Praise

“This book was so helpful to me and I feel like it will save me time, money and trial and error on my future travels so I can spend more time enjoying my trip! Thank you for writing this awesome book.” – Kristen, Reader

“If you are going or have dreams of going this is money VERY well spent. This American Girl is the reason I found a part of this world I hope to call home someday. I have used her blog to plan every trip I have taken to Central America. She knows her stuff! Highly recommend this book.” – Bridget

“The photos, recommendations and insight are so beautiful and thorough you can immediately tell Camille knows this country intimately.” – Alana Morgan, Paper Planes Blog 

“Her soulful words and dazzling images just made me want to live the Pura Vida life right this moment. There may be many guides about Costa Rica out there, but if you’re interested in a unique, curated experience to breathe, eat well, take pleasure and heal yourself, this is the best guide on the market.” – Lois Yasay, We Are Soul Sisters

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