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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you afford all of this traveling?

I don’t have a trust fund. I didn’t win the lottery. I’m not sponsored by some big company. I’m just a girl who decided that I want to travel more than anything else in the world. I decided to make travel my priority, and to make the sacrifices necessary to make that happen.

To read about all of the ways I afford a life of constant travel, read my post How I Afford a Life of Constant Travel, and You Can Too! 


I don’t have any money, can I still travel?

Absolutely! I have traveled all over the world on less than $1000 a month, and it’s possible to even travel entirely for free. Read my post How to Travel the World When You’ve Got Absolutely No Money, for more advice on how to do it.


I want to travel the world, but I feel stuck. How did you do it? How can I get started?

There’s no easy answer and there’s no magic solution. I worked hard, took a lot of risks, and above all else, I believed in myself. And the work isn’t done. I keep practicing this every single day. Here are some tools to help you get started:

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What about health insurance, visas, debt, pets, retirement, etc.?

There’s all kinds of logistics that can cause us to think that we can’t pack up and travel the world. But most are totally workable. I’ve written a whole post about it here: Yes, It’s Practical to Quit Your Job and Travel, and Here is Why.


Isn’t it easier for you, because you’re a cute, young white girl?

Maybe yes, maybe no. I can only speak from my experience. That’s why I got together a group of travel bloggers from developing countries, with physical disabilities, representing different genders, countries, and colors. Read it here: You Don’t Have to be a Privileged White Girl to Travel, Here’s Proof.


Isn’t it dangerous to travel as a woman alone?

I’ve traveled all over the world on my own, in countries like Morocco, Cambodia, and Colombia, and most of the time, I feel safe. You can read more about that in these posts:

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How do you stay healthy while traveling?

Traveling can be hard on your body, which is why I take extra care to eat clean, consume probiotics, use essential oils, get lots of exercise, and practice yoga regularly. For more on my health practices, read:

My Travel Wellness Kit

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What do you pack when you go off to travel?

I try to pack as little and as light as possible. Check out my full packing list here: What Every Girl Should Bring Beach Backpacking.

For questions on Costa Rica specifically, consult my eBook The Ultimate Guide to Costa Rica.