How To Be The Best In Your Nursing Career

If you have a little voice inside your head that is always telling you you’re not so great at being a nurse, you’re not alone. Self-doubt – because that’s what this voice really is – plagues all of us from time to time. The key to silencing this doubt is to become the best in your nursing career and to know you’re the best. 

That does not, and never should, mean you can be conceited or big-headed about your skills and talents, of course. What it does mean, however, is that you can be sure of yourself and what you know, and move forward in your life and your career because of it. Here are some ways to be the very best. 

Start Small 

Once you have your heart and mind set on being a nurse, no matter which department that might be, or what time of life you make this decision, you might feel overwhelmed about it all. You might feel as though, despite wanting it very badly, you just can’t do it because you don’t have the knowledge or the skills that might be necessary. 

When you think about it, though, that’s how everyone feels at the start of their nursing career. Until you have learned how to be a good nurse, you won’t know how to go about it, which can feel daunting. That is just how it works. In order to be the best in your nursing career, you don’t need to instinctively know how to do it; you just need to want to know. The rest you can learn by starting small, starting at the beginning, and learning as you go. 

Keep Learning

To be the very best in your nursing career, you should always be looking for opportunities to learn. The more you can learn and digest, the more you can use that knowledge in your day to day life, and the more respected you will be by peers and the world at large. 

One way to keep learning is to gain additional qualifications. Gaining a masters, DNP, PhD, or any other kind of qualification will prove to you that you can absolutely do this, and it will show the outside world that you know what you’re doing too. 

Of course, learning while working can be difficult. It can be difficult to learn when you’re raising a family, or if you’re sick or unable to attend college for any other reason. This is why online learning can be ideal. Look at the DNP online programs for nursing qualifications, for example, and you can see that even working shifts and long hours, you can still obtain this award and move forward in your career, proving to everyone you are an expert. 

Do What You Want To Do

Some people have their whole lives mapped out for them by well-meaning but misguided parents. While others listen to their teachers or their friends. Sometimes this can work out well, and the aspect of nursing they have chosen or expect you to do is actually what you would have picked for yourself. Sometimes this is the worst thing that can happen. 

If you don’t choose an area of nursing that you want to do and that interests you, the chances of you rising to the top of your field are small. That’s because you simply won’t be interested – you would rather concentrate on your hobbies, or perhaps you just want to go to work, get your job done, and leave again, so you don’t have to be there any longer than necessary. 

Unless you are truly interested in the type of nursing you are doing, you will struggle to do as well. Unless you are truly passionate, you’ll never get to where you would have. The lesson here is to listen to your own feelings and do what you want to do, rather than what someone else has set out for you. If those two things are the same, great, but otherwise you will have to be brave and let people know what it is you are going to try in your life. You’ll be much more successful this way. 

You Will Make Mistakes 

Mistakes happen to everyone, including nurses, and there is no getting away from the fact that mistakes are potentially problematic. However, no matter how big the mistake or how problematic it may become, take the opportunity to learn from it, and don’t let it shake your confidence in your abilities. 

No one wants to make a mistake, and just because you do doesn’t mean that you can’t go back and repair the damage. Understanding what went wrong and knowing that you won’t make the same mistake again will, strangely enough, put you in a stronger position in your nursing career than someone who has not made such a mistake. You won’t be afraid to move forward and continue in your dreams of becoming the best at what you do. 

Don’t Copy Other People 

Learning from others is important, particularly if you want to become the very best in your nursing career. However, copying from other people is never a good idea. You’ll lose sight of yourself and become the same as someone else, and that means you’re not being true to your own dreams and ideas. 

It’s good – an excellent idea, in fact – to gain skills and ideas from others. You should listen to experts in your field of nursing and think about what they have said and how it could relate to your life and career, but in the end, you should then take those ideas and make them your own in order to be completely comfortable with what you are doing. Only in this way can you really get to the top of your chosen area. 

Have A Reason 

No matter what you are planning for your nursing career or how you intend to get there, you should always have a reason behind your goals. Your reason could be anything at all, from wanting to prove to yourself that you can do it to wanting to help people to wanting your name to be known, or anything else. A reason will give you something to work towards in your nursing career, and will help you get where you want to go much more quickly. 

Is India Safe for solo female travelers?

The safety of solo female travelers is always the topic of discussion in the media.

Is India a safe place for solo female travellers?

The answer to this question is “Yes,” as well as “No.”

It solely depends on the mindset and perspective of someone who is travelling. After hearing the recent news in the media about the harassment of the women while it is evident that solo female travellers will avoid tour to India.

But in most of the cases, women are treated in an excellent way when they travel to India. Whether you are a solo traveller or travelling in a group, you will get the same experience while visiting India.

India has many faces. It is known for its rich culture, fantastic history, temples, sports, and much more. But on the other side of the spectrum, it is a place where you will see people living in poverty, pollution, and dirty areas.

You have to understand the mindset of Indians while going there.

Goa, Bangalore, Mumbai are the places where foreigners can live without any hassle. But, states like Bihar can be very challenging to travel.

Following are the things that you can consider while travelling India alone as a female  :

Choose a suitable destination:

While booking a ticket to India, study the places that you are going to visit. That means first find the places where crime is less as we recommend you not to go to the destinations where there are more crime rates and harassment.

Image result for india solo female statistics

Image source: breathedreamgo

You can get more information about the safe destination in India on forums, blogs, or other websites.

While coming to India, you may think that you are going to visit a different world, but in reality, the condition is different.

So, select the best destinations available where you can travel safe and without any issues. Prepare first and then, travel.

Change your mindset:

Indian culture is very different from western culture. Here, people love to wear Indian traditional clothes.

Apart from the Goa, you will not see people following western culture in other places in India. You must realize that you are going to meet conservative people.

So, dress accordingly to get the most out of your tour to India.

Be careful while train travel:

In India, you will see local as well as luxury trains. In the luxury trains, you will see most of the travellers like you. But in the local trains, you will get an opportunity to meet and interact with the local people.

It is highly recommended to have a travel guide with you. In the local trains, don’t deal with the stranger person too much as you might feel annoyed in the entire train journey.

Try to talk in the Hindi language:

India is the country where more than 1 billion people are living, and Hindi is primarily spoken in the country.

On the tourist destinations, you will see some people who can speak in English, but it is better to have some knowledge of Hindi language while talking with the local people.

Never be afraid of talking to local people:

The exciting thing about India is its people. Most of the people have tremendous respect for tourists, and they treat foreign travellers elegantly.

You may notice that the Chaiwalla, who sells tea, may have great respect for you. Proud Indians are filled with enthusiasm and passion. So, you can interact with them in a friendlier manner without worrying about anything.

Travel with a group:

Even though you are travelling alone, on your journey, you may find a group of foreign travellers like you. You can request such people and can join their group.

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Image source: newslaundry

As you are away from your family and friends, it is better to travel as a group. This will ensure more safety.

Once you are confirmed about your safety, then you can enjoy your tour to India in the best way.

Sometimes you will find difficulty while finding any group that may want to travel with you, but in those situations, you can find solo like you.

In short, travel in a group to get more safety.

For cheap and affordable flights to India, you can look for the United book flights. They offer some great deals, discounts, and coupons, which can help you book tickets at less price.

Also, if choosing to travel with United book flights, you may consider booking your air ticket via Faremart. It is an online ticket booking tool that offers exclusive deals with access to 450+ airlines.

Avoid visiting destinations at night:

In India, the nightlife is quite different than that we see in the United Kingdom or the United States. Troublemakers are always there to ruin your tour. So, never go to the unknown destinations at night.

The public transport in India is also not reliable while travelling at night. Instead of that, book an Uber or Ola to visit your destination.

In case, if there is no other option than the local rickshaw then, note down the vehicle number before sitting in it.

Have a balanced photo-taking session:

The craze of selfie in India is much more than in any other country, and people like to take photos with foreign travellers.

Here, the critical issue is that you may get into trouble while taking a lot of photos. So, be ready to take pictures with genuine people but avoid those who stare at you.

Some families that you may meet at the tourist places may want to take a group photo with you, and you can join them.

Contact the local police:

While travelling if someone troubles you, then be strong and speak loudly to that person who is annoying you. If someone sees that you are in pain, then he or she will help you.

More than that, save the contact number of the local police in your mobile. When any problematic situation arises, directly contact the local police.

Image source:aljazeera

A quick tip:

You can dial the number 100 to get help from the police, and this number is valid all across the entire country.

Book a safe hotel room:

In India, expenses are less as compared to tier 1 countries. Booking a hotel room in India is much cheaper than in NYC.

You can use sites like Oyo or Airbnb to get the cheapest hotel rooms. Don’t compromise your security and always book a hotel that has all the facilities and more security.

From where to start your India tour?

Many travel experts and guides recommend starting the entire India tour with the Golden Triangle. Yes, that is a great way to start but, for women who are travelling alone, we recommend you to start your journey from quiet places like Dharamshala.

Final Words

Even though India is quite a challenging country to travel, but your visit to India can be one of the best experiences in your life.

The women safety is the critical issue in India and the government, as well as local authorities, are trying to eliminate all the challenges that women may face while travelling across the country.

It is a fact that there is no assurance of safety while travelling in the country. But if you follow the above tips that have been suggested by us then, definitely you can find a way to enjoy the beauty of India.

Whether you are a frequent traveller or travelling first time to India, it’s essential to note down the above tips and enjoy your journey.




How to Make Your Next Trip to Orlando Your Best Yet

Orlando is a popular destination, and one reason this could be so is because of the renowned Disney World. It attracts millions of adults and children ready to have the time of their lives on a yearly basis. however, there are many other things to do in Orlando aside from going to Disney World. If you’re up for a little adventure and exploration, then continue reading. Below, you’re going to find out how you can make your next trip to Orlando your best yet.

Give Yourself Time to Plan 

When you’re going on a trip anywhere, you need ample time to plan. As fun as impromptu adventures can be, they also create a significant amount of stress most times. Here are a couple of things to take into consideration when you’re doing your planning.

  • Budget: Knowing how much you can afford to spend is the first thing to look at when planning a trip. When budgeting for your trip, split up your budget into expenses such as tickets, accommodation, spending money, and emergencies. You can then come up with a round figure and be sure you don’t spend beyond that.
  • Accommodation: Unless you’re going for a day trip, think about where you’re going to stay. It’s sometimes best that you stay in accommodation close to where all of your tourist activities are taking place. Consider things like space, affordability and also facilities you’ll need. This way, you can reduce the amount of time spent traveling and spend it having fun instead.
  • Transport: If you’re coming from far and don’t plan on taking a road trip, why not fly private into Orlando? Stratos Jets Charters has affordable private jets that go to Orlando whether you need a small, medium, or heavy jet. For day to day outings, your best option may be to get a rental car to move around in.

Explore Lakes

One of the hidden gems of Orlando people often don’t know about are the many lakes that you can visit. There are over 100 located in various spots that would be perfect for relaxing days or memorable photos. For instance, you could visit Lake Eola, which is located at the heart of downtown Orlando and is 9 miles long. It is also the perfect lake to visit if you’d enjoy bird watching and seeing over 50 swans.

Visit Kennedy Space Center 

If you haven’t been already, Kennedy Space Center is an interesting and educational destination.

Here, you get to be up close and personal with NASA and it’s rich history. You’ll be able to see historic launch sites and tour working spaceflight facilities. Other specific attractions you’ll find is Heroes and Legends which celebrates the pioneers of NASA’s early space programs or Race to the Moon.

See Alligators at Gatorland 

If you’re fascinated by alligators and up for a thrill, why not go to Gatorland? It is more fun than just staring at alligators as you can also go ziplining, have birthday parties for kids, and take a daring trip to the swamp. Aside from alligators, you can see crocodiles, wildcats, snakes, tortoises, and birds too.