If you have a little voice inside your head that is always telling you you’re not so great at being a nurse, you’re not alone. Self-doubt – because that’s what this voice really is – plagues all of us from time to time. The key to silencing this doubt is to become the best in your nursing career and to know you’re the best. 

That does not, and never should, mean you can be conceited or big-headed about your skills and talents, of course. What it does mean, however, is that you can be sure of yourself and what you know, and move forward in your life and your career because of it. Here are some ways to be the very best. 

Start Small 

Once you have your heart and mind set on being a nurse, no matter which department that might be, or what time of life you make this decision, you might feel overwhelmed about it all. You might feel as though, despite wanting it very badly, you just can’t do it because you don’t have the knowledge or the skills that might be necessary. 

When you think about it, though, that’s how everyone feels at the start of their nursing career. Until you have learned how to be a good nurse, you won’t know how to go about it, which can feel daunting. That is just how it works. In order to be the best in your nursing career, you don’t need to instinctively know how to do it; you just need to want to know. The rest you can learn by starting small, starting at the beginning, and learning as you go. 

Keep Learning

To be the very best in your nursing career, you should always be looking for opportunities to learn. The more you can learn and digest, the more you can use that knowledge in your day to day life, and the more respected you will be by peers and the world at large. 

One way to keep learning is to gain additional qualifications. Gaining a masters, DNP, PhD, or any other kind of qualification will prove to you that you can absolutely do this, and it will show the outside world that you know what you’re doing too. 

Of course, learning while working can be difficult. It can be difficult to learn when you’re raising a family, or if you’re sick or unable to attend college for any other reason. This is why online learning can be ideal. Look at the DNP online programs for nursing qualifications, for example, and you can see that even working shifts and long hours, you can still obtain this award and move forward in your career, proving to everyone you are an expert. 

Do What You Want To Do

Some people have their whole lives mapped out for them by well-meaning but misguided parents. While others listen to their teachers or their friends. Sometimes this can work out well, and the aspect of nursing they have chosen or expect you to do is actually what you would have picked for yourself. Sometimes this is the worst thing that can happen. 

If you don’t choose an area of nursing that you want to do and that interests you, the chances of you rising to the top of your field are small. That’s because you simply won’t be interested – you would rather concentrate on your hobbies, or perhaps you just want to go to work, get your job done, and leave again, so you don’t have to be there any longer than necessary. 

Unless you are truly interested in the type of nursing you are doing, you will struggle to do as well. Unless you are truly passionate, you’ll never get to where you would have. The lesson here is to listen to your own feelings and do what you want to do, rather than what someone else has set out for you. If those two things are the same, great, but otherwise you will have to be brave and let people know what it is you are going to try in your life. You’ll be much more successful this way. 

You Will Make Mistakes 

Mistakes happen to everyone, including nurses, and there is no getting away from the fact that mistakes are potentially problematic. However, no matter how big the mistake or how problematic it may become, take the opportunity to learn from it, and don’t let it shake your confidence in your abilities. 

No one wants to make a mistake, and just because you do doesn’t mean that you can’t go back and repair the damage. Understanding what went wrong and knowing that you won’t make the same mistake again will, strangely enough, put you in a stronger position in your nursing career than someone who has not made such a mistake. You won’t be afraid to move forward and continue in your dreams of becoming the best at what you do. 

Don’t Copy Other People 

Learning from others is important, particularly if you want to become the very best in your nursing career. However, copying from other people is never a good idea. You’ll lose sight of yourself and become the same as someone else, and that means you’re not being true to your own dreams and ideas. 

It’s good – an excellent idea, in fact – to gain skills and ideas from others. You should listen to experts in your field of nursing and think about what they have said and how it could relate to your life and career, but in the end, you should then take those ideas and make them your own in order to be completely comfortable with what you are doing. Only in this way can you really get to the top of your chosen area. 

Have A Reason 

No matter what you are planning for your nursing career or how you intend to get there, you should always have a reason behind your goals. Your reason could be anything at all, from wanting to prove to yourself that you can do it to wanting to help people to wanting your name to be known, or anything else. A reason will give you something to work towards in your nursing career, and will help you get where you want to go much more quickly. 

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