Why Do We Scare All of the Men Away? - This American Girl

Are you one of those women?

You know, the one who cares too much?
Wants too much?
Says too much?
Feels too much?
Loves too much?
Is too much?

Who doesn’t do casual?
Wears her heart on her sleeve?
Falls too hard and too deep?

Are you one of those women
Who blames herself for the times she softened and got hurt?
Who thinks she’s never chosen because of her worth?
Wonders if she will ever get what she deserves?

Who does it all to try to fix herself whole?
Can’t understand why she keeps falling into the same hole?
No matter how she grows rejected seems to be her role?

And there’s every explanation that we could ever find.
They’re scared of our greatness and they think we’re too good.
We are too enlightened to be fully understood.

We’ve got too many daddy issues and so we can never trust a man.
We’ve got too many mommy issues and became her in the end.

We never learned with the last guy so we’re in a karmic wheel.
We should learn to get better at pretending not to feel.

We are just too intense for anyone to handle.
Maybe deep down we don’t think that we are lovable.

I will tell you sister I’ve been this woman many times.
The one who lures them then scares them and can’t understand why.
Whose mind is so sharp I over over analyze.
Who has tried to deny love under an indifferent disguise.

But when I soften my heart I remember something wise…

Life gives you exactly what is meant for you.
So maybe there isn’t anything you need to do.
But simply fall more in love with you.

Maybe he didn’t choose you
because that’s the very thing you need to do.

Maybe the men never come not because you need to change.
Maybe they all leave because it’s you who needs space.
Maybe life is offering you love in his place.

So if you hear me dear one who feels tender and scarred
you are so worthy just as you are
I know it’s not easy I know it’s fucking hard
but you are learning the true path of the heart.

Life has not forgotten you.
All is coming.
Just keep breathing.
Just keep loving.

You are everything.
You are enough.
You are a miracle
You are love.

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