A Love Letter From a Woman to Her Jungle - This American Girl


When I touched you today
it felt like the first time
like the first time I touched you.

And when I saw you
I saw you more beautiful
than I forgot to remember you.



No mildew of old stories
no residues of past pains
no expectations or plans.

Just you and I in the absence of everything.



Your shores kissed my feet
sea swept across my skin.

I giggled and smiled and
gave in to your gift.

You and I were enough
as perfectly this.



I didn’t blame you
for anything or anyone.

I didn’t sob on your shores
over who you’ve unbecome.

I relaxed into your presence
and there we became one.



Then the waves came crashing
like they always do.

You like to try and drown me
don’t you?

You teach me to be humble
FUCK YOU, love you, God you.



And in your brightest light
I see my darkest shadow
triggering that old victimhood.

But you sprinkle me
with sweetness
stars that kiss me like no one else ever could.

Why do you do me so hard and so good?



It’s not easy being your lover
but hey I guess that’s our play.

Forgive me for the times I leave you
forgive me for wanting to stray.

Thank you for being here
thank you for letting me stay.

Forgive me because one day
you will actually push me away.



Even though your wildness
shows me where I ache.

When I cherish your beauty
there are endless angles to thank.

So thank you simply
for always being you.

I love you forever and always
even when I forget to.


Playa Chiquita


Thank you for how much you’ve taught me
about how to unconditionally love.

I love you for breaking me so badly
I surrendered to becoming my one.


Puerto Viejo


Home you are this heart of mine
that forever will be true.

Home is where I feel together
the divinity of me and you.



When the moment arrives
for us to say farewell
please know that I will always
remember your intoxicating spell.

Please know that even if I
run away and create something new
I will always and forever
remember the gift of you.


This American Girl


And if for whatever reason
it hurts too much to come back again
please know that in my heart
I am with you to the end.

For perhaps I am a woman
who was born to forever roam
but you will always and forever
be my sacred rebirth home.

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