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Do you believe me when I tell you, that putting coffee up your butt just might change your life?
Well, at the very least, I can tell you, that it changed mine.
Not to say that the thought didn’t horrify me once upon a time.




Frankly I probably would have never even thought to do it, if it hadn’t been recommended by my natural wellness doctor in Costa Rica. After a year of global travel I was getting sick minimum twice per month, had many bouts of food poisoning, and was willing to do just about anything to get better…

I was desperate.




So, the doctor told me to start by doing two coffee enemas a day.
“Ummm… you want me to do what?!”
Was my initial reaction.


At first I was completely closed to the idea. It sounded dangerous and gross and just… wrong. Though more and more I spoke with other traveling free spirits who revealed they did them regularly. I could hardly believe how… normal… they were to so many people in my community.




Still, it took about two weeks until I finally faced my terror of washing out my insides with a liter of coffee. I remember picking up an enema bag from the pharmacy, buying a pound of organic coffee from the local cafe, and going into the bathroom ready for the worst.




Though to my amazement, it was actually one of the best experiences of my life. Like I had finally released something that had wanted to come out for so long. Instantly I felt more awake, alive, light, free, and joyful than ever before. I was a believer.


Over the years I’ve done coffee enemas in bathrooms across the world. At home and on the road, I’ve used them to instantly relieve constipation, to flush out food poisoning, to clear up my skin, to eliminate candida, to get rid of food cravings, to quit drinking alcohol, to slough off mucoid plaque, to release stories and characters from my past, and most powerfully of all as a practice in self love.




Discovering coffee enemas opened me to the belief that I can truly purify myself of anything, that no level of toxicity be it physical, mental, or emotional, is beyond my ability to heal. I believe that I my body has the power to heal anything and so does yours.


Coffee enemas have been essential in keeping myself healthy as an avid traveler. If you want to read more about how I’ve healed many traveler’s ailments check out my posts The Ultimate Post Travel Detox, How to Travel the World and Never Get Food Poisoning, How I Got My Pre-Travel Body Back, and My Travel Wellness Kit (featuring you guessed it, the enema bag!)


Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty, so I can support you in either beginning your journey with coffee enemas, or diving in deeper.


**Please know, I am in no way a medical expert, nutritionist, or any kind of health consultant. I simply am a person who has done a lot of coffee enemas and read a lot of articles about them. Everything I write here is based on my personal experience. Your intuition always knows best so please trust it. Thank you for honoring yourself in this way.




Why do an enema in the first place?


I know, I know, I KNOW. It sounds weird, and very gross, but doing enemas is not a new or trendy or weird thing at all. Enemas have been performed for eons by yogis and Western medicine doctors alike. Apparently even Jesus taught his disciples about the importance of colon cleansing. (Read more about the history of enemas here.)


Unless you have never ingested any form of processed food, wheat, dairy, meat, sugar, or any kind of harmful bacteria, you likely have gunk stuck in your colon. The colon is six feet long, and contains plenty of pockets where food can get stuck. When food gets stuck, we can’t eliminate toxins as easily and the built up gunk starts to collect bacteria and mucus. Many symptoms may arise including brain fog, headaches, pimples, constipation, diarrhea, body aches, and on and on.


Enemas are a powerful way to wash out our colons and get things moving again, so that unused food and toxins can leave the body. Colonics will go even deeper, but they are pretty expensive and not nearly as convenient as just poopping into your bathroom. For this reason I recommend doing both enemas AND colonics.


Some people argue that doing enemas is not natural and you can get dependent on them, but in my experience the more frequently I do enemas, the more naturally and comfortably my body seems to be able to eliminate.


To get more information on why colon cleansing is so important, and how it can heal all kinds of ailments, I recommend reading this highly comprehensive article from Body Ecology: Home Enemas: How and Why.




Ok… but why do you use coffee?


There are many different kinds of enemas, each with its own superpower. A simple water enema can get things moving while a chamomile enema will support relaxation and a red raspberry leaf enema can help with menstrual cramps. I encourage you to experiment with different kinds of enemas and find what works best for you in different situations. (If you do, please share with us! I love to receive your wisdom!)


While I have done many different kinds of enemas, I most often choose to do coffee enemas. Personally, I have found coffee enemas to be the most powerfully cleansing and that’s what I usually want an enema for. Coffee enemas are especially cleansing for several reasons.


First of all, they are excellent for cleansing the liver which is responsible for pretty much all of the functions of the body. Coffee enemas support the liver by stimulating the production and release of bile and then dumping it out along with many toxins when the enema is released. If you have candida, coffee enemas can flush out the candida that often lives in the liver as well. I have seen this happen personally.


I also love coffee enemas for their ability to break down gunk that other enemas don’t. The astringent quality of the coffee is excellent at stripping away layers caked onto the sides of the colon. This might be old stools or even layers of old mucus that contains bacterias and parasites. I have also personally seen this old parasite filled mucus come out after doing coffee enemas. (Keep in mind, I’ve traveled all over the world and had a lot of strange tropical diseases and foodborne illness, so I might have more parasites than your average person, lol.)


Even if you plan to get a colonic, I highly recommend doing a coffee enema FIRST because it will pull toxins out of the liver into the colon and break down old stuff on the colon walls. Then, when you get the colonic, you flush all of that out. In my personal experience I get the most out of my colonic if I do a coffee enema that morning.


While I do not suffer from migraines or headaches, I hear that coffee enemas can offer instant relief. They are even used in traditional hospitals to relieve patients of all kinds of pain. Coffee enemas have also been used for decades by holistic doctors at the forefront of healing cancer.


Here is an extremely comprehensive guide to understanding coffee enemas and their many benefits by expert Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

And a short and sweet article on the benefits of coffee enemas from Mind Body Green: 10 Reasons You Should Try a Coffee Enema.




But isn’t caffeine bad for you?


Let me tell you, I was concerned about this one! I have never been a coffee drinker and I am extremely sensitive to caffeine. A few times I’ve used too much coffee and felt a bit shaky and nauseous, though normally I feel great. I’ve even done coffee enemas in the evening and not had a problem. I recommend starting with a small amount of coffee and building up to see how you tolerate it.


According to coffee enema experts like Dr. Max Gerson (who used coffee to heal his patients of cancer since the 1950s), inserting coffee into the rectum is very different from drinking a cup of it. Apparently the colon absorbs the coffee in a different way, as the stomach digests the coffee. When you do a coffee enema, the caffeine goes right into the liver, where it stimulates the production of bile, rather than being digested and entered into the bloodstream when you drink it traditionally. There’s a lot more science-backed evidence for this from expert Dr Lawrence Wilson.




The Benefits I Have Personally Experienced


In the articles I’ve cited above, you’ll see that there’s research backing the touted benefits of coffee enemas. However, what matters most to me is my own personal experience. If you do coffee enemas and you don’t feel a benefit, maybe there is a more perfect colon cleansing process for you. (For instance, some people have amazing results with the salt flush, which I absolutely hate and despite doing it probably ten times have never had a good result from.)


Frankly, I do coffee enemas because I experience incredible results. Some of the benefits I experience are immediate while others have come with time. Please honor your body by using coffee enemas as a support to your holistic healing journey, rather than a quick fix solution. I do not recommend using coffee enemas, or any form of cleansing, unless you are in the process of also shifting your diet and lifestyle.


Here are some of the most powerful benefits I’ve personally experienced from coffee enemas:


Immediate relief from constipation.


Immediate sense of lightness, clarity, focus.


Immediate relief from headache or brain fog.


Immediate reduction of gas, and overall reduction of gas with regular use.


Clearer more glowing skin within 24 hours of doing the enema.


Whiter, clearer eyes within 24 hours of doing the enema.


Weight loss, less bloating, and flatter stomach with regular enema use.


Removal of many layers of old mucus, parasites, and candida. This has come as a result of regular cleansing in combination with dietary changes and probiotic supplements. For the most powerful effects I recommend doing a coffee enema before going in for a colonic or following up your coffee enema with a few water enemas to flush out the mucus that’s loosened from the coffee.


Improved bowel movements. I used to worry if coffee enemas, or enemas in general, would make me dependent and cause problems with me being able to use the toilet. In my personal experience, just the opposite has been true. When I first started doing enemas I would maybe wait a full twenty four hours before I could have a bowel movement again. That seemed unnatural to me. However, the more frequently I do coffee enemas, the more regular, bulky, and healthy my poop seems to be. I think this is for several reasons. Enemas help hydrate the colon which supports bowel release, retaining them exercises the muscles so contractions happen more naturally, the stripping away of mucus and old poop means that new poop can come out more easily, and the increase in bile production in the liver means digestion is happening much more efficiently.


Decrease in food and alcohol cravings. The more I cleanse my body, the less I want to gunk it up. When you’ve just cleansed your liver, the last thing you want is to inhale the smell of a cigarette or drink alcohol or eat something sugary or fried. The feeling of cleanliness is so… enlivening, that I seem to take extra care of my body especially following an enema. In fact, doing coffee enemas years ago helped me transition out of my party girl phase. These days, I don’t drink any alcohol at all. I’ve lost most of my inhibitions and I get high naturally all of the time (but we’ll save that for a future blog post.)


Deeper gratitude, trust, and peace. According to many Eastern medicine philosophies, most contracted emotions like anger get stored in the liver. I often hear that when you cleanse your liver, you also cleanse out these old emotions and stories. While I cannot prove that theory, I can certainly say that I consistently feel happier, more trusting, and more unconditionally loving the more coffee enemas I do.


Waves of euphoria and pleasurable sensation in my root chakra. Coffee enemas and colon cleansing can actually be an orgasmic experience. Feeling it is believing it.


Freedom from past pains. Often when I perform a coffee enema I choose to set an intention for it. This helps me feel more motivated and gives it a deeper meaning. Sometimes while I’m holding in the coffee I will bring up emotional stories that feel present for me. I might meditate on a particular experience or person. Then, when I release, I imagine that I’m letting it all go. Afterwards, I take a really nice shower and I typically cry, have profound realizations, and experience deep healing.


Deeper self love. When done with this intention, coffee enemas can be a wonderful self care practice. Simply being with yourself without distraction for fifteen minutes (the amount of recommended time to retain the enema) is more attention than some people ever give themselves. I use this time as a meditation and an opportunity to feel my body, hold myself through discomfort, concentrate on my breath, and being as loving to myself as I possibly can be.




How to Perform a Coffee Enema


There are lots of different recommendations for the best way to perform a coffee enema. Here are some offered by reputable health experts:

Dr. Lawrence Wilson: Coffee Enema Procedure

Dr. Axe: Fight Cancer and Detoxify With a Coffee Enema


This is an excellent article that details everything from how to get an enema bag to making your solution to troubleshooting during the process: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Giving Yourself an Enema and Were Afraid to Ask.


And if you really want some detailed support, you can even watch this video 😉




My Personal Coffee Enema Procedure


Again, I am not a doctor or a health expert by any means, please do your own research and honor your individual needs.


I always do my coffee enema on an empty stomach (usually in the morning) after having a bowel movement and drinking lots of water and hot water with lemon. Sometimes I’ll do a water enema first, to clear out my colon so that the coffee can enter my liver more easefully.


To prepare the coffee, I mix four tablespoons of organic coffee (the best quality I can find) with one liter of water and bring it to a boil on the stove. That’s a pretty high concentration, and you may want to start with just one tablespoon and see how it goes. If I ever use too much coffee I can get nauseous, I think as a result of too many toxins being released faster than I can expel them.


Once the coffee is boiling I’ll simmer it on a low boil for about 10-15 minutes. Sometimes I double the recipe and will do two coffee enemas back to back, especially if I’m fasting or cleansing.


Then I either let it cool while I’m doing other stuff (sometimes I make it first thing in the morning then let it cool while I do yoga) or I’ll add ice cubes if I want to use it right away. I like for the liquid to still be warm, but not hot, because I find it’s much more relaxing and easier to retain if it’s closer to body temperature than room temperature.


Once it’s at the desired temp, I pour the coffee directly into a blender or a big one liter jar, being careful to leave the grounds in the bottom of the pot. You could also strain it if you want.


Next I get the bathroom prepped. I like to do my enema in the shower so that in the rare case that anything leaks out, it’s easy to clean up. I usually put on relaxing meditation music and make the bathroom feel as comfortable as possible.


Then I pour the liquid into my bucket or bag and move the tube up and down to make sure all of the air bubbles are out. If you get some air in, it’s not dangerous, you just might have a more difficult time retaining the enema and experience some gas when it comes out. Then, I clamp the hose shut, lube with coconut oil, and insert the plastic tip. I set the timer on my phone for 15 minutes or longer if I have time and patience.


From there I immediately lay down on my right side (very important so the coffee can get to the liver) and turn on the hot water of the shower or wrap myself in a towel to stay warm. To help the coffee enter my colon more easefully I might lift the tube up especially towards the end. Once I’ve retained nearly all of the liquid, I remove the tube and do my best to just relax.


For the next fifteen minutes, I focus simply on breathing, being with myself, and loving myself. Sometimes I experience cramping or a strong urge to release. I use these moments as opportunities to breathe through the intensity and learn to be with waves of discomfort. Sometimes I’ll even chant or make sounds if it’s particularly difficult to hold. I often notice that once I breathe through the intensity, I’ll feel it move, and then hear a gurgling sound (sign that bile is being released) then the intensity dissipates and I feel relief again.


Whatever sensations or emotions arise during the enema I do my best to touch myself and speak to myself as lovingly as possible. I use this time as an opportunity to give myself as much attention as I deserve to receive all of the time.


Once the timer is up, I turn off the shower, go directly to the toilet, and release. As I do, I massage my belly especially my lower left abdomen to help expel more liquid.


Then I get back into the shower and take time to wash my hair, shave my legs, wash in between all of my little toes. I like to feel really clean after an enema and continue my self care practice in this way.


Afterwards I drink a lot of water and sometimes I do a water enema to flush out any gunk that got loosened and make sure I’m hydrated. If I’m in the tropics I drink fresh coconut water afterwards, otherwise I have a nice big green juice.


Most importantly I spend some time cherishing my body by slathering it in coconut oil and delicious smelling essential oils. I put on an outfit that makes me feel beautiful (whether I’m headed out for the day or sitting alone at my computer). I look in the mirror and smile at the woman across from me. I practice seeing my perfection rather than my perceived flaws…not so easy but certainly worth trying.


If a lot came up for me, I might spend some time journaling about it, or just give myself the permission to rest and integrate. Fortunately, I am so blessed to have created a lifestyle that allows me the time and space to spend time every day really taking care of myself.


Doing coffee enemas in this way, has been deeply supportive in healing not only my physical body, but shifting the entire way I experience my life. So, give a coffee enema a go, it just might change yours.


Do you have fears, curiosities, questions, or advice you’d like to share? Please leave them below in the comments. We love to support you any way we can 🙂


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