Why You Should F&*K the Man and Follow Your Dreams - This American Girl



“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf




Do you remember what life was like when you were a kid? When each moment presented the opportunity to learn something new? When you approached challenges with curiosity? When you believed that you could do anything? When you were completely fearless?


How do we lose that unfaltering confidence? How do we slowly stop believing that we can do anything, and start doubting our abilities? How do we go from believing that everything is possible to feeling walled in by limits?




I think it has something to do with the script we’re delivered in school. The one that we’ve seen our parents or friends or mentors enact. The script we have drilled into us by the media, telling us what kind of life is possible and what kind of life is worthy.




We’re taught to work hard in school and get good grades so that we can go to a good college. We’re taught that when we graduate, we get good jobs. We’re taught to work hard at that good job and we will get raises and promotions. We’re taught to meet someone nice, get married and have 2.5 kids. We’re taught to put all of our money into a mortgage and save up for retirement one day. We’re taught that if we do all of this good enough, we will achieve happiness and success.


That story may have worked for my Grandparents. But it doesn’t work for everyone.




We may work hard in school, but not get good grades because the system doesn’t make sense to us. We may work hard at our good job and be laid off or fired because of cutbacks or office politics. We may meet someone nice and fall in love but still find ourselves heartbroken one day. We may realize we’d rather be alone. We may try to have children and not manage to get pregnant. We may try to save money but find ourselves instead in credit card debt from endless consumerism. We may decide that paying a mortgage and looking forward to retirement makes us feel trapped and hopeless. We may decide that this so called “American Dream” does not make us feel successful or happy at all.




The good news is, there is another way.


If you have ever felt like there must be something better out there than the “American Dream” you’re absolutely right. It’s a little something called YOUR DREAM. The dream that didn’t come from a movie or a teacher or your mom or your Dad. The dream that came from within your heart.


Quite frankly, that dream is the only one worth pursuing.




That dream is the only one that will ever bring you fulfillment. Not the most expensive car or the most amazing outfit or the most beautiful home. Not the perfect body or the perfect partner or the perfect job. The only life that will ever make you happy, is the one that you know in your heart belongs to you. Which is unique to every single one of us. We each signed up to walk our own path in this lifetime.




When we free ourselves from the expectation of who we think we’re supposed to be and how we think we’re supposed to live, we free ourselves to create the life that we’ve always dreamed of. We free ourselves to soar into the limitless potential of who we are. What could be more beautiful than that?




So why do so many of us hold ourselves back? Why do so many of us resign to a life that doesn’t make our heart flutter? Is it because at the core we’re so afraid of the unknown that we’d rather settle for something comfortable, even if it isn’t that great? Is it because we’re so afraid that we don’t actually deserve the greatness that already dwells within us, just asking to be unleashed?


What if you decided right now, in this very moment, that you were absolutely worthy, deserving, and capable of achieving the most magical dream you could ever imagine? What would it take for you to really believe that?




Let’s all take a deep breath together. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale deeply through your nose. On the next inhale feel your entire body fill up with golden light. Feel it illuminate every cell in your body. As you exhale, feel that golden light expand all around you into a beautiful bubble emanating from your body. Then on the next inhale feel yourself fly as high as you can imagine, and when you exhale plant yourself into a parallel reality. One of absolute joy and bliss where everything sparkles and comes to life. One where you are living out your wildest dreams. Give yourself some time to play in this reality. Notice the shift in your body and your mind when you’re there.


If your imagination can see you living in this reality, one day can you?




When in this parallel reality, we’re reminded that we are capable of achieving greatness on a level that would literally blow our minds. We are capable of more than we could ever dream of. That possibility always lives within us, but we must awaken it. To tap into that potential, we have to deprogram the limiting beliefs that we’ve adopted over the years and get back to being that fearless child. It’s not always easy, but just like learning to crawl, speak, walk, and sing, it all starts with a try.




Challenge yourself to look beyond the system, and the messages you’ve been told, and imagine a life of possibility. Forget what everyone else is doing, forget what has already been done. Ask yourself what a life of bliss looks like to you, and how you are best suited to make the world a better place. Consider a dream that feels scary yet exciting to you. Then step outside of your comfort zone and find the courage to try.


This is important work.

Cause frankly, you’re not just doing it for you. You’re doing it for all of us.




When you follow your dreams, you make it easier for others to follow theirs. When you follow your dreams you set a new paradigm for future generations. When you follow your dreams you inspire the rest of the population who want so desperately to find greater meaning in life and don’t know how.




If I hadn’t met so many people of all ages traveling the world indefinitely, if I hadn’t met so many bloggers sharing their voice and supporting their lifestyle at the same time, and if I hadn’t met so many people dedicated to discovering a life that brings them the utmost bliss, maybe I wouldn’t have the courage to do the same for myself. Maybe I would still be sitting in an office somewhere wondering when life was going to get good.




Now I get to be the one who inspires. I get to show people another way. The more I open to the possibilities within me, the more I trust in myself, the more I believe in my dreams, the more beautiful my life becomes, the more beautiful the entire world becomes for all of us.




And the same goes for you. We need you to follow your dreams to help us follow ours. Our world needs you to share your unique expression so it can shine in its fullest potential. Our world needs you to follow your dreams.


Can you love yourself enough to do that for all of us?


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