Love the One - This American Girl

Love the One - 01


Love the one who feels restless. Who thinks she needs to move to find happiness. Who thinks if she was here or there she’d find completeness. Love that one who wants more.


Love the One - 02


Love the one whose mind never stops running. Who’d like to have a thought without interrupting. Who wants to be free from the endless chatting. Love her because she wants to be heard.


Love the One - 03


Love the one who feels trapped. Who wants to change her life but doesn’t know how to act. Who knows she’d be a miracle if only she could grow. Love her for seeing that there is another road.


Love the One - 04


Love the one who obsesses and controls. Who looks for meaning in everything she holds. Who analyzes and scrutinizes and picks apart the pieces to understand. Love her so hard she surrenders her hand.


Love the One - 05


Love the one who is so afraid. Who wants to be fearless but doesn’t know the way. Who sees monsters in the darkness. Who runs from the unknown. Love her so that love is all she knows.


Love the One - 16


Love the one who can’t see her beauty. The one who pinches the fat on her belly. The one who judges and punishes herself when she eats. The one who compares herself to other women she meets. Love that one so much that she sees.


Love the One - 07


Love the one who sees life as a struggle. Who feels like life is an uphill battle. Who wants to give up because it’s too much to handle. Love her for caring enough to keep trying.


Love the One - 08


Love the one who never lets go. Who holds on so tightly to her own rope. Who fears she will lose if she loosens her grip. Love her so much she feels safe to submit.


Love the One - 06


Love the one who feels misunderstood. Who fears that her truth will be rejected. Who wonders if anyone on earth gets it. Love her for wanting that human connection.


Love the One - 10


Love the one who feels ashamed and insecure. Who blames herself relentlessly for all she’s endured. Who thinks that pain and abuse are all her fault. Love her so she knows the blessings in her own heart.


Love the One - 11


Love the one who doubts it all. Who is skeptical and questions and sees the dark side of the world. Love her even if she can’t accept your love.


Love the One - 12


Love the one who judges. Who gets hung up on right or wrong. Who thinks obedience and holiness are the way to get along. Love that one for wanting to be better. Love that one for wanting to love.


Love the One - 13


Love the one who lies. Who lives in a world of deceit and disguise. Who fears the truth to her own demise. Love her because love is the only truth in life.


Love the One - 14


Love the one who can’t see her worth. Who is always looking for validation in her looks or her work. Love the one who can’t see how much she deserves. Love that one enough that she learns.


Love the One - 15


Love the one who is mean. The one who says and does very cruel things. The one who reminds you who you don’t ever want to be. Love that one who hurts you most. Love that one she needs your love the most.


Love the One - 09


Love the one who is easy to love. The one who lifts you up and awakens your inner child. Who shows you how to play and giggle and be wild. Love that one so much that she stays.


Love the One - 17


Love the one who wants so desperately to be loved. The one who loves others so much it hurts. The one whose heart gets broken and shattered in the dirt. Love that one for wanting to be loved.


Love the One - 18


Love the one who arises. Whatever one arises. Love everything that arises.

That is the one asking to be loved.


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