I Just Need the Earth - This American Girl

Puerto Viejo


I don’t need a paved path


Gili Air


I don’t need a resort


Ultimate Guide to Puerto Viejo - 016


I’m happy on a muddy trail


Lonely Beach Koh Chang


and sleeping in a fort.


Lonely Beach Koh Chang


I’m not concerned with glitz




or expensive shiny cars


Ultimate Guide to Puerto Viejo - 006


I’d rather not have electricity


chiang mai


so I can see more stars.


Ha Long Bay


I don’t need a big casino


koh rong


or a high def TV screen


Laos - 06


I don’t need a minibar


Laos - 08


I don’t need A/C.


playa guiones sunset


I don’t need designer clothes


Kuta Lombok


I don’t need Jimmy Choos




I’d rather just be free


This American Girl


and not wear any shoes.


balangan bali


I don’t need these comforts


San Blas


in order to survive


san blas islands


I just need the things


san blas


that remind me I’m alive.


Lonely Beach Koh Chang


Let me have the darkness


Ha Long Bay


so I can see the moon


Koh Rong Samloem



let me have the open sky


Four Thousand islands


so I can feel a monsoon.


Vang Vieng


Let me have the silence


Playa Cocles


so I can hear the birds


Four Thousand islands


let there still be places




where we still speak without words.


Koh Lanta


Let me still find peace in nature


Punta Uva


surrounded by the dirt


Koh Rong


’cause I don’t need a man made paradise


Ultimate Guide to Puerto Viejo - 012


I need the real, beautiful Earth.

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