Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell You - This American Girl

surf travel freedom


You the dreamer

who imagines a life so much greater

who speaks of things others don’t understand

remember restrictions exist only in our minds

you can let your imagination run wild.




You the young one

with so much possibility

with so much uncertainty

remember that there is no urgency

you can take life one step at a time.




You the old one

who wonders if life escaped you

who thinks of all the things you wanted but didn’t do

remember that you are still living

you can look forward and pursue new dreams.


surf travel freedom


You the different one

who is labeled as weird

who struggles to find others who think the same way

remember that there is no normal

you can let your freak flag fly.


surf travel freedom


You the insecure one

who worries what everyone thinks of you

who worries about who is going to want you

remember that you are effortlessly perfect

you just have to love yourself enough to know it.


surf travel freedom


You the lonely one

who feels like something is missing

who wishes for someone beside you

remember that you have everything you need inside

you don’t have to be afraid of the quiet.


surf travel freedom


You the independent one

who feels strong and capable in being

who craves alone time and fears needing

remember that it’s ok to trust and let people in

you can be free and vulnerable at the same time.


surf travel freedom


You the restless one

who never stops moving

who wonders if life goes on if you stop thinking

remember that you are more than your mind

you can relax the moment that you decide.


surf travel freedom


You the tired one

who wonders if you can keep going

who lacks the motivation for doing

remember what lights your inner fire

you can find the energy when you let it ignite.


surf travel freedom


You the scared one

who sees the risk in most things

who protects yourself preventatively

remember that fear is an illusion

you can trust that you will survive.


You the Dreamer - 11


You the brave one

who finds the courage to do things differently

who opens yourself to possibility

remember to trust your instincts

you can leave your ego behind.


You the Dreamer - 12


You the sensitive one

who sees into souls without understanding

who feels so deeply it’s overwhelming

remember that feeling means being alive

you can see beauty even when you cry.




You the numb one

who never wanted to feel pain again

who closed yourself off to all sensation

remember that to heal you must know the hurt

you are strong enough and I promise it’s worth it.


Cat ba island


You the traveled one

who has seen far pockets of the world

who wonders if you will ever find your home

remember that home is where your heart is

you can find it wherever you go.




You the trapped one

who feels shackled with responsibility

who wants to wander freely

remember that the greatest journey is inside

you can still change your life.


surf travel freedom


You the free one

who lives without walls

who finds peace no matter where you are

remember this moment and hold it close

you can come back here whenever you’re lost.


You the Dreamer - 17


You the happy one

who finds gratitude in every moment

who feels joy just for being alive

remember that it’s ok to be blissful when others are down

you can lift them up with your light.


You the Dreamer - 18


You the lost one

who wonders where to go today

who wonders how you got to this place

remember the compass that lives in your heart

you already know the way.



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