Am I Wanderlost - 01


Will I ever settle?

Will I ever stay?


Am I Wanderlost - 02


Will this wanderlust spirit

ever go away?


Am I Wanderlost - 03


Will I understand countries

like a wino knows grapes


Am I Wanderlost - 04


Will I discover cultural meccas

and hidden beach escapes


Am I Wanderlost - 05


Will I learn a hundred languages

ok maybe just thank you hello


Am I Wanderlost - 06


Will I become a scattered mosaic

of the cultures where I go


Am I Wanderlost - 07


Will I taste bizarre insects

and the sweetness of exotic fruit


Am I Wanderlost - 08


dine on the floor of a mud hut

or on a skyscraper roof


Am I Wanderlost - 09


Will I ride on chicken buses

and sleep on cargo ferries


Am I Wanderlost - 10


take tiny propeller planes

do what seems most scary


Am I Wanderlost - 11


Will I come to realize

how little I actually know


Am I Wanderlost - 12


each truth I discover

I remove another robe


Am I Wanderlost - 13


Will I live so big

on what seems so little


Am I Wanderlost - 14


and see that so little

is more than enough for most people


Am I Wanderlost - 15


Will I fall in love quickly

because I’m wild and free


Am I Wanderlost - 16


then say goodbye readily

when my feet get itchy


Am I Wanderlost - 17


Will I find a partner

to commit to and to hold


Am I Wanderlost - 18


or will I continue to scatter

my heart across the world


Am I Wanderlost - 19


Will I get serious

and find a real job


Am I Wanderlost - 20


or will I tirelessly pursue

that which I truly love


Am I Wanderlost - 21


Will I return to society

the one from where I came


Am I Wanderlost - 22


though the more I travel

the less I can relate


Am I Wanderlost - 23


Will I plant my roots

will I make a home


Am I Wanderlost - 24


or am I destined

to forever roam


Am I Wanderlost - 25


If I lose my wanderlust

do I also lose myself


Am I Wanderlost - 26


without my wanderlust

am I nothing else?


Am I Wanderlost - 27


Will I one day be satisfied

will I one day be content


Am I Wanderlost - 28


or have I created an addiction

to anticipating what’s next


Am I Wanderlost - 29


Do I move

because I love the thrill


Am I Wanderlost - 30


do I move

because I’m afraid to sit still


Am I Wanderlost - 31


Maybe choosing to wander

means choosing to be lost


Am I Wanderlost - 32


but only when I lose myself

do I truly become found


Am I Wanderlost - 33


I will lead with my heart

let it show me where to go


Am I Wanderlost - 34


because I trust that one day

it will guide me home.


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