Confessions of an Internet Addict - This American Girl

Internet Addict  - 01


I confess I’m addicted to Facebook

Twitter, Instagram, and Email


Internet Addict  - 02


I’m addicted to the comments and likes

and how special they make me feel.


Internet Addict  - 03


The first thing I see before bed

and the first thing I see when I wake


Internet Addict  - 04


is the list of status updates

on my Facebook page.


Internet Addict  - 05


I’m addicted to the rush I get

from a like, a comment, a retweet.


Internet Addict  - 06


like a well trained dog I reach for my phone

with every buzz and ding.


Internet Addict  - 07


I’m addicted to having all the information

right there at my fingertips


Internet Addict  - 08


I never have to know the answers

Google tells me everything that exists.


Internet Addict  - 09


I’d never eat my meal before snapping

and sharing it on Instagram


Internet Addict  - 10


even over dinner I’m checking

oh sweet I’ve got 10 new fans!!!


Internet Addict  - 11


I can’t go somewhere in the world

that doesn’t have wifi


Internet Addict  - 12


on a white sand beach in paradise

one hand holds a coconut

the other my digital device.


Internet Addict  - 13


I’m addicted to keeping the world up to date

with my bikini photos and travel status


Internet Addict  - 14


after all everyone needs to know

that my life is just so fabulous.


Internet Addict  - 15


It’s easier to have relationships

online than in real life


Internet Addict  - 16


I’m addicted to the barriers

and the easy connection they provide.


Internet Addict  - 17


I’m addicted to the progress I gain

as my fans go from hundreds to thousands


Internet Addict  - 18


when my numbers go up I know it means

hey, I must be worth something!


Internet Addict  - 19


I’m addicted to how good I feel

when my followers tell me that I’m amazing


Internet Addict  - 20


I’m addicted to how bad I feel

when no one seems to say anything.


Internet Addict  - 21


But all the likes in the world can’t inspire me.

And a million twitter followers won’t complete me.


Internet Addict  - 22


No matter how full my inbox

I will still feel empty.


Internet Addict  - 23


So I’m closing my computer.

I’m turning off my phone.


Internet Addict  - 25


I’m going outside.

I’m going to be alone.


Internet Addict  - 24


I’m walking towards the ocean.

I’m stepping my bare feet on the ground.


Internet Addict  - 26


I’m quieting my constant chatter.

I’m listening to how nature sounds.


Internet Addict  - 27


And in this moment

with only me, the wind, and the rushing tide


Internet Addict  - 28


I find myself remembering

how it feels to be alive.


Internet Addict  - 29


‘Cause the only thing that really matters

is this Earth that I am touching.


Internet Addict  - 30


The only thing that really matters

is being loved and loving.

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