What is Essential? - This American Girl

Bocas del Toro


Do you ever take a moment to ask

what is essential?


Bocas del Toro


What matters most?


Bocas del Toro


If you stripped everything of excess away

what would still remain?


Bocas del Toro


What is essential?


Bocas del Toro


Is it showing up to the party

in the most stylish outfit

that cost as much

as a flight to Bali?


Bocas del Toro


Is it rolling down the street

with the top down windows down

butt nice and cozy

on heated leather seats?


Bocas del Toro


Is it the Macbook Air juiced up

the latest iPhone model

the Go Pro fully loaded

the heaviest camera lens combination?


Bocas del Toro


Is it that glass of vintage wine?

Is it that lobster with a side of steak?

Is it that big soft bed with fluffy white sheets?

Is it that all-inclusive resort?


Bocas del Toro


Is it the mortgage

the job title

the corner office

the university diploma?


Bocas del Toro


Is it the relationship status

the bouquet of red roses

the number of times they compliment you

the number of times that they don’t?


Bocas del Toro


Is it the number of likes on your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page?


Bocas del Toro


Is it the attention

the validation

the money

the fame?


Bocas del Toro


Or is it actually simplicity?


Bocas del Toro


Is it freedom?

Is it passion?

Is it compassion?

Is it play?


Bocas del Toro


Is it joy?

Is it gratitude?

Is it expression?

Is it human connection?


Bocas del Toro


Is it discovery?

Is it exploration?

Is it growth?

Is it introspection?


Bocas del Toro


Is it nature?

Is it harmony?

Is it happiness?

Is it bliss?


Bocas del Toro


What might you let go of

what might you release

to make more space

for only that which is essential?


Bocas del Toro


What fears?

What judgments?

What insecurities?

What stories?


Bocas del Toro


What can you let go of

to let more light

to let more love



Bocas del Toro


To let more light shine

to let more love spread

from within?


Bocas del Toro


Can you let go of everything

except that which is essential?



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