Could You Be Love? - This American Girl

Playa Cocles


Imagine if fear was just an illusion.


Could You Be Love - 02


Could you live without restrictions

dream without boundaries?




Could you make a decision

pursue your passion


Could You Be Love - 04


express your imagination

achieve your vision?


arrecife punta uva


Could you look him, or her, or me, or you in the eye?


la fortuna


Could you speak your truth

without hesitation or sugarcoating or apology?




Could you smile with all of your light?


puerto viejo


Could you be liberated from attaching

to the result, the outcome, the validation?


Could You Be Love - 09


Could you trust that the universe always provides


Could You Be Love - 10


without controlling the land the animals ourselves each other?


Could You Be Love - 12


Could you acknowledge your limitless power and strength?


Could You Be Love - 11


Could you surrender to the things you cannot change?


Could You Be Love - 19


Could you acknowledge that you and I are just the same?


Could You Be Love - 13


Could you end the cycle

of spreading and displacing blame?


Could You Be Love - 17


Could you rid yourself of shame?


Could You Be Love - 14


Could you release yourself from anger?


Could You Be Love - 16


Could you let go of the pain?


Could You Be Love - 18


Could you allow your heart to be seen

in all of its beauty its vulnerability


Could You Be Love - 22


could you show what makes it gushy?


Could You Be Love - 21


Could you feel that everything is light

that everything is one?


Could You Be Love - 15


Could you find your way home?



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