Who Am I? - This American Girl

Who am I?  - 01


Am I my name

that’s spelled and called

rolodexed and scrawled

printed on my certificate of birth

engraved on my stone of death?


Who am I?  - 02


Am I my gender

that appoints me a color

that dictates my behavior

that tells me what gender

I can and can’t love?


Who am I?  - 03


Am I my job

that assigns my tasks

that pays my bills

that takes my time

that distracts me from

where I truly belong?


Who am I?  - 04


Am I my government

who enforces my corrections

who programs my perceptions

who controls through deceptions?


Who am I?  - 05


Am I my family

who birthed me

who supported me

who abandoned me

who loves me

who hurts me?


Who am I?  - 06


Am I my culture

who showed me

when and how to use my mouth

when and how to move myself

when and where to expose myself?


Who am I?  - 07


If I am what I eat

am I all that I consume?


Who am I?  - 08


Am I my clothes my car my home

my stacking washer drier

my ultra lash mascara

my designer diaper bag

my stash of dirty mags?


Who am I?  - 09


Am I vegan raw gluten free?

Am I low carb paleo grass fed beef?

Am I free range organic raised naturally?


Who am I?  - 10


Am I the things that I do or don’t do?

The miles that I run

the projects I complete

the chores that go undone

the books I never read?


Who am I?  - 11


Am I the things that I do or don’t say?

The opinions I profess

the emotions I repress

the expression I dare not share

the chatter I release without care?


Who am I?  - 12


Am I my addictions?

My oral fixations

my sexual relations

my material attachments

my emotional reactions?


Who am I?  - 13


Am I what I fear most?

The monster under the bed

the spider above my head

the money I may never make

the possibility of vulnerability and heartbreak?


Who am I?  - 14


Am I the wounds that I carry through life

the scars from my past traumas

the pain of my ongoing dramas?


Who am I?  - 15


Am I a collection of the stories I believe?

That tell me right from wrong

that tell me what I can achieve?


Who am I?  - 16


Am I the ugliness I sometimes feel?

The body that should be thinner

the face that should be fairer

the mind that should be calmer

the heart that should be stronger?


Who am I?  - 17


Or am I just this being?


Who am I?  - 18


Who sees with these eyes

who breathes with this breath

who tastes with this mouth?


Who am I?  - 19


Who moves with this body

who thinks with this mind

who feels with this heart?


Who am I?  - 22


Who laughs and cries

who suffers and aches

who rejoices and celebrates?


Who am I?  - 21


Who has an inner fire that burns

with passion and intention

with the ability to release

without a moment of apprehension?


Who am I?  - 20


Who has the innate wisdom

the unfailing intuition

the unlimited propensity

to transform endlessly?


Who am I?  - 23


Who exists in this moment

that comes and goes

that ebbs and flows?


Who am I?  - 24


Am I just this being

who can choose to be anything

who can choose to be everything

who can choose to be nothing?


Who am I?  - 25


Am I that?

Am I none of that?

Am I all of that?

Am I so much more than that?


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