This is Love - This American Girl

This is Love - 01


When you smile for no other reason

than to feel and share joy.


This is Love - 02


When you draw, dance, sing, create

when you express what you feel inside.


This is Love - 03


When you sleep, when you eat, when you stretch, when you rest.


This is Love - 04


When you set boundaries that make you feel respected.

When you respect the boundaries that others set.


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When you celebrate another person’s beauty

without questioning what it says about yours.


This is Love - 05


When you teach someone a skill

that just might change their life.


This is Love - 06


When you open your heart

to share your light

and shine even brighter

by taking light in.


This is Love - 07


When you release someone

from your judgments and expectations

to allow them to be who they are

instead of who you think you want them to be.


This is Love - 08


When you own who you really are

free from your fears of what the rest of the world might think.


This is Love - 09


When you trust that you are already everything that you need

so you can trust someone else to be your icing on the cake.


This is Love - 11



all of this

is love.


Happy Valentine’s Day.


This is Love - 12


May you feel the love

that is always within you.


This is Love - 13


May you feel the love

that is everywhere.


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