Are you sleeping?


ha long bay


Are you distracted

are you foggy

are you hazy?


Cat ba island


Are you conscious of the thoughts that you are thinking?




Are you aware of the movements you are making?


hoi an


Are you intending on the life that you are living?


mekong delta


Wake up

watch the sunrise




just look

don’t analyze.




Inhale and let life fill you

exhale and let life go.


chiang mai


Taste something

and really taste it




without the distraction of a conversation

without the dullness of a screen.


Lonely Beach Koh Chang


Feel something

wholly, deeply, fully


koh rong


let it sting you let it cut you let it burn you

let it touch you let it hold you let it heal you.


koh rong


Wake up




if you are wondering

if your work is just for something

that sells your soul to someone for nothing




if your life is retold history

if your existence is just existing.




We’re all driving on this grid that snakes and splits




from concrete to jungle

from treacherous to tame


gili air


why don’t we wash our windows

why don’t we look ahead


kuta lombok


why don’t we wake up?


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