How to be Free - This American Girl



Imagine being truly free.


How to Be Free - 02


Free from fear.

Free from pain.




Free from the memories that trigger your defenses and build your walls.

Free from the stories you show and tell.


Kuta Lombok


Free from your ideas of how you think your life should be.

Free from your ideas of who you think you should be.




Free from the burdens of your past.

Free from expectations for your future.


Kuta Lombok


What would that look like?

What would that feel like?


Kuta Lombok


What are the moments

that happened months ago, years ago, decades ago

that still manage to hurt you today?


Kuta Lombok


Imagine letting them go.




Imagine defining yourself by the present

instead of the accumulation

of experiences from your past.


gili air


Imagine being




who you are


Kuta Lombok


where you are


gili air sunset


when you are.


Kuta Lombok


Imagine being weightless.


Kuta Lombok


Does it make you feel fearless?

Does it make you feel free?


Kuta Lombok


Does it open your heart

to send love out

to let love in?


koh chang


Does it open your eyes

to see the limitless possibilities

that the universe provides?


Kuta Lombok


Does it remind you

that the only bounds


koh chang


are the ones that exist

in your own mind?


Kuta Lombok


Let it go

let it all go




and know

that in each and every moment

if you allow it


gili air


you are



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