My Best Moments of 2013 - This American Girl

Taganga Colombia


Beginning the New Year with friends from all over the world in a club built into the cliff on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast.


lake union boats


Catching a last minute flight to Seattle just in time to celebrate my nephew’s first birthday.


Isla Carenero Bocas del Toro


Seeing dolphins from the highest point on Isla Carenero with my best friend of sixteen years in Bocas del Toro, Panama.


puma osa peninsula


Spotting American tapirs, squirrel monkeys, Jesus Christ lizards, and pumas in the wild in Corcovado National Park.


little corn island


Discovering hidden beaches, diving with sharks, listening to reggae, and stargazing on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua.


arrecife punta uva


Showing the place I love most in the world, Puerto Viejo, to the person I love most in the world, my Mom.


Cat Ba Island


Riding on the back of a motorbike through the national park on Cat Ba Island, climbing into secret caves used by the Viet Cong, and swimming in crystal water surrounded by massive limestone karsts.


mae jo yi peng


Releasing my lantern with thousands of others inside of the temple at Mae Jo for Chiang Mai’s annual Yi Peng celebration.




Eating myself silly on dumplings, stuffed potatoes, mango sticky rice, samosas, green papaya salad, phad thai, and hundreds of other delicacies in Pai’s night market.


Koh Rong


Hiking to hidden beaches, swimming in crystal water, and playing with local kids on Koh Rong, Cambodia.




Following a Hindu procession up the hill to a hidden temple carved into a cliff, watching surfers at sunset, and dancing all night to a live Rasta reggae band on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula.


gili air


Standing barefoot in the sand, dancing around a bonfire with locals, and watching fireworks with dear friends on New Year’s Eve on Gili Air, Lombok.


Today, the first day of 2014

I feel overwhelmed with gratitude

for how blessed I am to have lived every moment of 2013.


How lucky I am to have experienced more beauty and excitement in one year

than I could hope to have in an entire lifetime.


Wherever you are today

I wish you adventure, magic, and contentment.

This year, may you truly enjoy the present.

May you truly feel light.

May you truly be free.


Happy New Year from my world to yours <3


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