Listen Up Chicks - This American Girl

Kuta Lombok


Can you recall a time

when you felt











An Bang Beach


Was it one year ago

was it one week ago

was it last night

was it today?


This American Girl


Did you dismiss

or conceal

your emotions

to appease

to please?


This American Girl


Did you judge yourself

for feeling something

that elicited discomfort

in someone else?


This American Girl


Did you try so hard

to appear

as if you did not try at all?


This American Girl


Did you feel like a prude

who thinks too much and feels too little?


Koh Rong


Who overanalyzes

and dramatizes

what should be casual

what should be fun?


Koh Rong Samloem


Did you feel easy

because you gave it up too soon

after that

how could he possibly want you?


balangan bali


Did you feel irrational or needy

because it meant something to you?


This American Girl


Did you question your self-worth

because the whole room did not turn

the moment you walked in?


ubud bali


Because your face

your breasts

your butt

did not look

like the woman

who seems so happy

in the magazine?


Koh Lanta


Because you

failed to command the most attention

did not speak the most eloquently?


koh phangan


Because you did not have

the most fashionable outfit

or the most impressive career?


koh phangan


Because you were not

the greatest chef

the funniest comedian

the sexiest dancer

the worldliest traveler?


Generosity in Cambodia - 19


Because you thought

the light you saw

in another woman

outshone your own?


This American Girl


Because someone did not love you

the way that you wanted them to?


balangan bali


Do you have any idea

how beautiful you are?


pavones beach


Do you realize

that you are powerful

beyond belief?


This American Girl


Do you know

that your worth is not amounted

by how many men want you

how many women envy you

the praise you are offered

or the promotions you receive?


This American Girl


Do you know

that you are not a slut if you give in

a prude if you don’t

desperate if you care

heartless if you don’t?


Koh Lanta


Do you know that your worth

is your birthright

it is not something

that you earn?


This American Girl


People will hurt, reject, mistreat you

and it has nothing

to do

with how

beautiful smart kind talented fun

independent sexy capable cool


you are.


This American Girl


How others

see and treat you

has everything to do with them

what you accept

has everything to do with you.


This American Girl


So when you feel scared and insecure

instead of judging yourself

EMPOWER yourself .


pavones beach jumping


Recognize that you are capable.

Trust that you are complete.

Believe that you can do it, any of it.

See that you do not need someone else

to fulfill you

to complete you

to change you

or to need you.


otres beach cambodia


Know that you not only have it all



That is my truth. 


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