On Being Brave - This American Girl

manuel antonio river


When was the last time

you felt

really brave?


pavones river


Did you jump from a limestone cliff into deep dark water?

Did you paddle through rushing white tides into the endless horizon?

Did you eat a grasshopper, an ant, or a worm?


la sirena river


Did you tell someone a truth that painted you unpretty?

Did you follow a dream no one believed could be possible?

Did you let something that you really loved go?


river crossing corcovado


Was it scary? Was it hard? Were you hurt?

Was it thrilling? Was it liberating? Were you free?




When I feel the bravest is when I feel the most afraid.


la sirena corcovado


Because being brave does not mean being fearless.


puma corcovado


Being brave means owning your fears

instead of allowing them

to own you.


This American Girl


Being brave means enduring discomfort

knowing that it will not last forever.


jungle scorpion


Being brave means being yourself

when it appears easier

to be someone else.


Corcovado national park


Being brave means letting go

and remaining open

to new, unknown experiences

as much as it scares you

because you are ready and willing

to grow.


manuel antonio park


Being brave means trusting

the voice inside yourself that says

“you can do this”

because you totally can.


This American Girl


What makes you feel brave?

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