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Pavones river


It may surprise you to discover

that this is not a travel blog.


taganga colombia


I may share photos

of Caribbean islands

African deserts

and Colombian jungles


san blas islands


I may write about

packing lists

foreign customs

and safety


puerto jimenez


I may sleep in hostels

eat street food

ride on chicken buses

and book last minute flights


santa teresa sunset


but none of that

is what this blog

is really about.


san blas sailing


This blog isn’t about

leaving behind responsibility

abandoning possessions

or even about seeing the world.


playa guiones


This blog is about connecting

with what surrounds you

the sights, the smells, the sounds

the people, the love

to feel present

in a world filled with distraction.


granada nicaragua


This blog is about

considering yourself

and the world

with curiosity and awareness

instead of judgment.


playa guiones surfing


This blog is about empowering yourself

to take responsibility

for your own

happiness and health.


crab puerto viejo


This blog is about challenging

the stories, conventions, and fears

that inhibit you

from living the life

that you truly want.


playa samara birds


This blog is about finding freedom

by allowing yourself

to be the most

beautiful, authentic

expression of you.


This American Girl


This blog is about harnessing the courage

to face your fears

and take a risk

whether that’s ending an abusive relationship

starting your own business

or booking a one way flight

and never looking back.


playa guiones


This blog is about exploring

the depths of your being.


pavones river


This blog is about choosing

to feel vibrantly alive

by following a path

that brings you

to a place of ultimate bliss.


This American Girl


This blog is about honoring

the beaming light

that exists within you

that also exists within others.


punta uva


This blog is about believing

that you are worthy

of living

a spectacular life.


playa cocles beach break


For me, that is a life of travel.

What is it for you?


This post was inspired by my beautiful Emma, who has always supported and challenged me to live the life I truly deserve. 


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