Are You Secure? - This American Girl

colombia sunset


What is it

that makes you feel



puerto viejo sunset


Is it knowing that you have a roof to reside under?


Is it accumulating green paper into a vault in case one day you need it?


Is it spending your day within the walls of the corner office?


little corn island sunset


Is it having someone to come home to

someone who knows you

and loves you

even if you snore, wear sweatpants, throw tantrums, and hog the bed?


seattle sunset


If you had no place to live


owned nothing but a backpack, an antique rug, and a pair of snakeskin shoes


watched pennies drown from your modest account


worked jobs as fleeting as shooting stars


and hadn’t had a relationship in years


pavones costa rica sunset


Would you feel vulnerable?

Would you feel empty?

Would you feel insecure?


colombia sunset


That home could be foreclosed


shattered by vibrations from the ground.


lincoln park sunset


Your bank could disintegrate in one afternoon

sending your perfect stacks into the ether.


costa rica sunset


Your office could be revoked

no matter your dedication

no matter your drive.


santa teresa sunset


And that person who loves you

might leave you

sometimes without even wanting to.


Pacific Northwest sunset


What if all that belonged to you was yourself?


costa rica sunset


Your only role was to live?


nosara sunset


The one institution was the earth?


colombia sunset


Your relationships existed

in the moments when they happened

instead of forced to forever endure?


airplane sunset


Is it actually our belongings

our roles

our institutions

and our relationships that make us secure?


manuel antonio sunset


The less belongings I have and the less I have to belong to

the more I learn the ever changing truth about myself

and the subjective, reflective truth of this world.


nosara sunset


Perhaps with nothing

I am closer to security

than I have ever actually been.


puerto viejo sunset


Relying only on the fact

that every time I inhale

I exhale


osa peninsula sunset


and every day the sun rises

it also sets.


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