Laguna de Apoyo


Check in.

Where are you?


Laguna de Apoyo


Are you here?


Laguna de Apoyo


Are you here with your body?

Are you here with your breath?


Laguna de Apoyo


Or have you reverted to the past?

Have you bypassed to the future?


Laguna de Apoyo


Are you retracing the steps that have already transpired

hoping to somehow change them?


Laguna de Apoyo


You can’t.

Let it go.


Laguna de Apoyo


Are you predicting what has yet to come

in an attempt to control an unforeseeable future?


Laguna de Apoyo



Accept the adventure in unpredictability.


Laguna de Apoyo


Are you engaging in activities

that effectively remove you from the present

and take you into a fantasy instead?


Laguna de Apoyo


Constantly checking your phone or Facebook?

Drinking until you don’t remember?

Changing your location the moment you feel the weight of what truly surrounds you?


Laguna de Apoyo


Why not come back

to this moment



Even if it feels uncomfortable.


Laguna de Apoyo


Why not sit and savor

where you already are?


Even if it scares you.


Laguna de Apoyo


Why not be grateful

and content

for what you already have?


Even if it doesn’t seem like enough.


Laguna de Apoyo


Why not be with who actually surrounds you?


Even if that is no one but yourself?


Laguna de Apoyo


Can you observe what you see

absorb what you hear

inhale what you smell

feel what you sense?


Laguna de Apoyo


Can you allow yourself to truly experience

this moment?


Laguna de Apoyo


The moment that exists.

The moment that is real.

The moment that is everything.


Laguna de Apoyo


You are missing out on nothing

by not being somewhere else

with someone else.


Laguna de Apoyo


You are missing out on everything

by not being exactly where you already are.


Laguna de Apoyo


Be here now.


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