Goodbye Puerto Viejo - This American Girl

Puerto Viejo - 01


When you live like a nomad

the world around you

is continuously in flux.


It’s part of why I love to travel.


Puerto Viejo - 01


Stimulating unfamiliarity.

Liberation in exploration.


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 03


But one of the hardships of travel

is learning to let go.


Learning to say goodbye.


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 04


I wave to my loving family

after short visits

watching their faces disappear

behind the glared glass doors

stretching my heartstrings

beyond security, borders, and seas.


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 05


I meet amazing people

form deep connections

but refrain from attachment

knowing and accepting

that I may never see them again.


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 06


Saying goodbye

is a skill I have cultivated

to make this lifestyle possible.


To allow myself to feel free.


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 07


But sitting here in the dark

packing the last of my belongings

I feel overcome with sadness.


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 08


After spending the last two and half months in Puerto Viejo

I am moving again.

I am traveling again.


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 09


I feel afraid of what is next.

I feel unsure of the fate of my own future.


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 10


Wait, isn’t that what I love about travel in the first place?

The liberating uncertainty of it all?


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 11


So sitting here

feeling conflicted about saying goodbye

makes me feel weak.

Makes me feel dependent.


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 12


But perhaps it just means that I care.

That I let down my guard enough to become attached.


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 13


Could that be so bad?


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 14


Can I be an adventure-loving drifter

experiencing the pleasure and thrill of the world


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 15


and also a deeply rooted nester

active in community, friendship, and love?


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 16


Can I, like you, be and do anything that I want?

Live any way that I want?


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 17


Of course I can.


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 18


Today I am choosing to be back on the road.

I am choosing to leave Puerto Viejo behind.


Goodbye Puerto Viejo - 19


But I feel secure in also knowing

that I can always always always choose (as I often do)

to go back to my comfort, my community, my home.


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