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coconut pancakes



Right now I’m pretty hungry.

Starving actually.


Remind me why I’m doing this coconut water fast again?

Oh right, you can’t.

You think I’m crazy too.


For now, let’s salivate together over these super healthy super yummy coconut pancakes I made last week.

I wish they were in my mouth.

Do you wish they were in yours?


This recipe came to be as I recently made a ton of coconut flour and had no clue how to use it.

Read more about my coconut craze and what to do with a coconut in yesterday’s post.


The pancakes have zero grains, no dairy, and no added sugars.

The result is surprisingly delicious.


But do not be fooled, the texture is quite different from a normal pancake.

Softer, more custardy.

Personally, I love it.


coconut flour pancakes



Healthy Coconut Pancakes



1 small, organic ripe banana

1 local farm egg

2 heaping tablespoons of coconut flour 

coconut oil, for frying

1 scoop of coconut cream

toppings: fruit, nuts, shredded coconut, honey


Mash the banana into a puree in a mixing bowl with a fork. You could also throw it in a blender or food processor if you like. Then add the whole egg and whisk it together with the banana. Gradually add the coconut flour until you’ve reached the desired consistency. Less flour for more of an eggy crepe, more for a thicker fluffier pancake. Let the mixture rest for about five minutes.


Heat about a tablespoon of coconut oil in a heavy skillet and pour the batter into the pan. I made two small pancakes as I found that easier to handle and prettier on the plate.


Top your pancakes with a big scoop of the coconut cream and any other toppings you like. I find them to be plenty sweet already with the coconut and banana, but you could add some pure maple syrup or honey. I just sprinkled some farm fresh strawberries on mine since I’m a sucker for strawberries and cream. They’d be delicious with almond butter, coconut butter, or some homemade jam.


Keep in mind these measurements are approximated, so play around, and make two small pancakes for one person. The coconut flour, coconut cream, and coconut oil, can be purchased at health food stores, or make your own for a fraction of the price. 



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