Find Your Bliss - This American Girl

pavones sunset


Do you ever stop to notice

exactly what it is

that brings you bliss?


big corn island


What it takes

for you to find

that cathartic moment

of overwhelming internal stillness


little corn island


Where you feel

complete unity

perfect harmony

around you?

Within you?


nosara sunset


When there is no other place

you could possibly rather be

than exactly where you are

being exactly who you are?


mombacho granada


Is it reaching the mountain summit

and breathing the crisp air

acutely aware of how small everything appears

from another perspective

when you’re on top of it all?


surfing nosara


The moment the force of the ocean

propels you forward

as you skim its glassy surface

with each duck and turn of your board?


sunset pavones


Walking along miles of sand

in complete darkness

under a blanket of stars?


wild fern little corn island


Is it digging your fingers

into soft cool soil

and placing a tiny life

into its loving mother’s embrace?


corcovado national park


Is it stepping beyond the folds of the curtain

and feeling the energy of the audience

ready to show them your character

ready to show them yourself

ready to show them themselves?


hibiscus costa rica


Is it moving your body to the rhythm of your personal drum?

Releasing that rhythm from your lungs into an intoxicating melody?

Moving your fingers in an effortless flow and feeling the hum of each chord or string?


little corn island


Is it sweeping a paintbrush across a canvas of possibility?


Leon Nicaragua Cathedral


Is it telling a story through your words?

Through your lens?


little corn island


Is it meditating in stillness

in the world that you have created

in a grassy meadow

on a deserted beach?


playa guiones nosara costa rica


I find joy in many things that I do.


isla tortuga costa rica


Swimming in the ocean.

Experimenting in the kitchen.

Writing in my journal.

Connecting with loved ones.


punta cocles puerto viejo


But the moments when I reach my highest sense of joy

my moments of bliss

are my moments of exploration.


taganga colombia


When I sit on buses on trains on planes

and stare at the vast landscape

that constantly changes around me.


farm in samara costa rica


When I ride my bicycle down dusty country roads

unsure of what might greet me at each bend.


taganga, colombia


The first morning in a new city or town

when I wake with the early chirps

and walk in silence absorbing my new surroundings.


granada handicrafts


When I wander burgeoning markets in ancient cities

enchanted with the landscape

enchanted with the culture.


manuel antonio park


When I take the path less traveled

over rocky cliffs on beaches

deep in the jungle

through small cobblestone alleys


playa samara


and find exactly what I needed to see

without even realizing I needed it at all.


cartagena colombia


And so I travel.

And so I explore.


little corn island


Where do you find absolute harmony

absolute contentment?


little corn island


Where do you find your sheer bliss?


isla de ometepe airplane


How can you change your life

to one filled


sunset little corn island


with so many


of bliss?



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