You are the Earth - This American Girl

Corcovado National Park


How connected

do you feel

to the Earth?


Pavones Costa Rica


To the sky?

To the sea?


Pavones Costa Rica


To your body

to your voice

to your breath?


Bird in Pavones Costa Rica


There are times

when I do not feel


at all.


Pavones Costa Rica


When I feel defined

by my thoughts

my emotions

my worries

my fears.


Pavones Costa Rica


When I feel like nothing more

than an active mind

desperately seeking

a moment

of rest.


Pavones Costa Rica


But when I watch the sun make its descent through vine covered jungle trees

when I climb creature crusted coral cliffs

when I wander markets in faraway lands

when I sit still with the sound of the ocean


Little Corn Island


I remember

that I am more than my mind.


scarlet macaw Pavones


I am also my body.

I am also my spirit.

I am also my breath.

I am filled with energy of the Earth.


Ferns Corcovado National Park


In my struggle

to reconnect with nature

to reconnect with myself


Little Corn Island


I wonder

how have I

how have we all

wandered so far

from where we began?


Corcovado National Park


Is it because we live in a world

where we listen

to outside opinions

conflicting noise


Corcovado National Park


instead of the expert


who knows our body

who knows our self?


Corcovado National Park


Do we ignore our own intuition

and instead follow

a society



Corcovado National Park


by fear of rejection

fear of deception

fear of poverty

fear of disease.


Playa Cocles


Do we look to pills

to packages

to diets

to prescriptions


Corcovado National Park


when we have everything

in ourselves

to clean

to nourish

to thrive?


Corcovado National Park


We have learned to be disgusted by dirt

abhorred by insects

afraid of animals.


Corcovado National Park


To communicate through email, through Facebook, through blogs

when there are people all around us

if we only offered them our attention.


Pavones Costa Rica


To gaze at the world on a screen

passively mesmerized by its intoxicating ease

rather than absorb the magic that can only be seen

through our very own eyes.


Corcovado National Park


To control land

to control animals

to control each other

to control ourselves.


Corcovado National Park


We have learned

to abandon the harmony of nature

for the comfort of cultivation.


Corcovado National Park


To seek fulfillment

by having

instead of finding contentment

through releasing.


Corcovado National Park


And why do we feel compelled to control?

Why do we think that we need?

Why do we constantly look outside to fix what we feel inside?


Corcovado National Park


Is it because we are told

that we are born broken

born flawed

born incomplete?


Pavones Costa Rica


I want you to know

that you are whole

you are perfect

you are complete.


Little Corn Island


That you have every tool


to heal

to survive

to thrive.


Pavones Costa Rica


That you need nothing.

That you are secure.


Pavones Costa Rica


That in a culture that identifies so deeply with what it consumes

you are more than the car that you drive

the clothes that you wear

the shoes on your feet.


Corcovado National Park


You are so much more than a Mac or a PC.


Corcovado National Park


You are more than the cocktail you drink

the shows that you watch

the bands that you like

the diet you follow

the religion you preach.


Corcovado National Park


You are beauty.

You are passion.

You are expression.

You are a force to be reckoned with.


Corcovado National Park


You are everything.



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