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Little Corn Island


Today is my six month anniversary of blogging. Six months of photographing every meal, every moment. Six months of desperately seeking internet on tropical beaches, in dense jungles, on deserted islands. Six months of sharing, often far too much information, with all of you.


This is in fact the first anniversary I have ever celebrated in my life and I am treating myself to a day of diving in the Caribbean sea.


I feel like the luckiest person to be alive today, on Little Corn Island, in a spandex suit about to swim with sharks, dolphins, turtles, and stingrays.


This journey of traveling and of blogging has taken me places I never predicted. I feel so grateful that you have been the constant through it all. Your feedback and comments over the last six months have meant more to me than you know. You inspire me to continue living this life that at times feels like a dream I’m scared to wake up from.


Today, in honor of my anniversary, I’d like to share the six posts, over these six months, that I feel the most connected to. The posts I would love for all of you to read. To those who have followed along since the beginning, does that include anyone except for my immediate family?, I apologize for the redundancy.



Traveling the World as a Woman


arrecife point

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playa cocles flowers

Do You Have it All?


Panama City Street Art

Why You Should Let Go of Being Perfect



You Don’t Have to be Afraid


airplane over caribbean

Just Go


And one more… because my mother never stops asking about it, and she is too computer illiterate to find it, and I’m too impatient to teach her:


whole snapper colombia

How I Eat When Traveling


Wishing you sunshine wherever you are, whatever the weather.



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