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Costa Rica flower


Do you ever wonder why sometimes it feels so difficult, so unnatural, so arduous, to make the choices that make you feel happy?


That make you feel healthy?


sea fan Bocas del Toro


Two nights ago, in Manuel Antonio, sitting on a hill overlooking the expansive blue Pacific, with friends I have known for the better part of my life, I posed this question:


“Why is it so hard to make the self loving choice?”


Without hesitation my friend replied “Your actions reflect what you think you deserve.”


green sand dollar


And that beautiful, simple response said it all.


fern in the jungle


Do you know how much you’re worth?
Do you know how much you deserve?


purple wild orchid in the jungle



You deserve to eat wholesome, nutritious, satisfying meals that energize your body and comfort your soul.


corcovado beaches


You deserve to be loved in a way that makes you feel secure.


crab pinchers sand


You deserve to feel. Deeply.




You deserve to travel without feeling irresponsible.


wild flowers Costa Rica


You deserve to free yourself from guilt about your many privileges.


montezuma rocks


You deserve to eat that scoop of gelato.


white sand dollar


You deserve to set boundaries that make you feel respected.


sea star


You deserve to exercise for no other purpose than to hear your own breath a little louder.


blue fish


You deserve to be exactly where you are without the distraction of worries, obligations, and work.


driftwood nosara


You deserve to let go.


wood log fungus


You deserve to smile in a world filled with tragedy.


halloween crab


You deserve to pursue your dreams.


beach shells


You deserve it all.


You. Are. Worth. It.
All of it.



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