You Write the Story of Your Life - This American Girl

bocas del toro


When you imagine

the next month

the next year

the next ten years

of your life

what do you see?


bocas del toro


Do you envision yourself reenacting patterns

that you know lead to unhappiness

because it seems easier

to do what you already know

than to take a risk

on something new?


bocas del toro



Do you picture yourself trapped in a situation

with a person

in a job

in a life

that is not what you want

but seems inevitable?


bocas del toro



What if you decided

to write a different story



boca del drago



A story where dreams

you thought better

to dismiss

all come true.


Where you feel giddy

about the endless possibilities

of  your own life.


Where contentment

no longer looks

like an unachievable ideal.


bocas del toro


Where you are exactly the person

on the outside

you know you truly are inside

without hurt


and walls.


Where your light


your family

your friends

the world


it shines

so bright.


bocas del toro



You can.

You can write any story that you want.


Black Beach Pavones


And I know

that takes courage.


But if you believe

in your dreams

in your future

in your intentions

in yourself

anything and everything is possible.


sunset Pavones


So why not?



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