Letting Go Again - This American Girl

Tambor Bay Ferry


Last year when I started this blog, I wrote a post about letting go.

As a reminder to myself.


Tambor Bay Ferry


I was anticipating the confrontation of something I tried to forget, tried to ignore, and refused to let go of.


Tambor Bay Ferry


And months later

when I left this little jungle town

I thought

that I was on my way

to letting it go.


Tambor Bay Ferry


But the last ten days, back in Puerto Viejo to film a project (more to come!!)

I realized that I have not even begun to move on.


Tambor Bay Ferry




Tambor Bay Ferry


Because the part of me that does not want to, that is afraid to, sings louder than the motherly voice who knows exactly what I need.

And as easy as I may make in sound in my writing, letting go is the hardest thing for me to do.


Tambor Bay Ferry


So today I plan to focus on why letting go is beautiful.

Why letting go feels good.

Why letting go is anything but scary.


Tambor Bay Ferry


Let go of what you’re holding onto, even if you love it.


Because letting go doesn’t mean losing.

It means allowing.


Tambor Bay Ferry


Letting go means accepting that you own nothing and nothing owns you.


Tambor Bay Ferry


How freeing

How trusting

How loving


Tambor Bay Ferry


Believe that what serves you in life will be there

if you let it.


If you open yourself

to finding it

instead of forcing it.


Tambor Bay Ferry


Because locking yourself into a thought

into a behavior

into a life

even if it’s one that you want

one that you love

puts you in a cage

that one day

you might outgrow.


Tambor Bay Ferry


So take a deep breath







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