A Mistake is Just a Necessary Detour - This American Girl

Santa Teresa Beach


There is no denying that traveling has transformed me.

It has helped me grow in ways that I never imagined possible.


Santa Teresa Beach


But sometimes, still, I find myself going back to my old ways.

I find myself re-enacting destructive patterns from my past.

I find myself making the same mistakes.


Montezuma rocks


It makes me question how much I have actually grown.

It makes me question whether my own happiness and progress has been a mere illusion.

It makes me wonder if I am capable of ever having the life and relationships that deep down I know I deserve.


Playa guiones


But the part of me that has grown will simply not accept that negative mentality.




When you do something

say something

think something

that feels wrong

that hurts you

that hurts someone else


Do you judge yourself?

Do you blame yourself?


Santa Teresa


Do you question your strength

your love

your self love?


Do you fear that you are doomed to destruct and self-destruct?




Or do you find compassion?

Do you respect exactly where you are, and exactly where you were?

And know that it is still perfect?


Santa teresa


Maybe it feels like you make the same mistakes


and again

but we each have our own process

for letting go

moving on

and learning.


It might take many bruises

but our stumbles

our failures

our wounds

are our most valuable teachers.


Santa Teresa


When you take a leap

sometimes you fall

but if you never tested your limits

how could you know where you stand?


So don’t judge.

Don’t be discouraged.




Accept that sometimes we have to know dark before we can find light.

And even the lily grows up from the dirt.

So fall, and fall, and fall

trusting that one day you will finally get up and fly.



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