What Are We All Competing For? - This American Girl

La Caracola Punta Cocles


The past few weeks I have been feeling the heaviness of competition.

And when I feel competitive, my old friend judgement and my husband perfectionism come to visit.

And it does not feel good.


It makes me question myself.

Question my own abilities.

Question my future.


I begin to control everything outside, because I feel so out of control inside.


I feel inadequate.




Cocles Path


But I see this

and I know

that I will love others more fully

love myself more completely

and find more joy in every moment

if instead of judging

I accept.


I accept where I am in this journey called life

and I accept others in theirs.


I abandon the idea that the path is linear

and instead see where we stride and struggle.


playa cocles flowers


When you see the beauty

the strength

the flexibility

the charisma

the intelligence

the security

the talent

in another human being

be inspired.


puerto viejo jungle


Tell them

how amazing

you think

they are.


Let their abilities

remind you

of how much

you are capable of.


Because someone else does not have to be less for you to be more.


puerto viejo hibiscus flower


There is enough beauty

There is enough magic

There is enough love

There is enough light

in this world

for everyone to shine.


jungle leaves puerto viejo


When you smile

you are the most beautiful.


When you are passionate

you are the most successful.


When you accept who you are

you are the most unique.


When you find solace in yourself

you are the most complete.


And you are so unbelievably worthy

of the best this world has to give.


hibiscus flower Cahuita


So stop worrying

stop comparing

stop judging

and just be.


poison dart frog



You are the best.

You are the most.

When you are you.


Wishing you all the best this breezy morning in Montezuma, Costa Rica.

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