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sunglasses samara


Two days ago


playa samara


in Playa Samara


hammock playa samara


on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica


this american girl


I hopped on my bike, bikini clad, ready for adventure.


fishermen playa samara


I rode down the beach, watching fishermen walk fearlessly into the frigid ocean


playa samara


children protect the catch from hungry packs of vultures


playa samara birds


and birds circle overhead


birds playa samara


diving mercilessly into the ocean to feast.


playa samara road


I tightly gripped my handlebars as I bounced on unpaved country roads


cattle samara


waving hello


cattle samara


to the cattle


baby calves samara



who stared.


howler monkey


I spied on families of howler monkeys, swinging in the trees, and marveled as ominous bellows released from their tiny bodies.




I waded through crocodile rivers


playa barrigona



and climbed fields of barnacle covered rocks


playa barrigona


to reach a secluded pink sand beach


playa barrigona


where Mel Gibson has a home. Shhhh!


fishermen playa samara


My body weary from my long journey


playa samara sunset


I watched the sun begin to set


playa samara sunset


the sky light on fire


playa samara sunset


and thought what a perfect day it was in Playa Samara, Costa Rica.



Where to stay: 


Become part of the family at Casa Brian. With complementary breakfast, hammocks overlooking the ocean, friendly vibes, and bonfires at night on the beach, what more could you need?



Where to eat: 



Next door to Casa Brian, feast at Mango’s for the best Costa Rican casado I have ever tasted. Whole red snapper caught that day, perfectly crusted seared pork, or saucy braised beef with comforting stewed black beans, sweet fried plantains, and tangy cilantro covered cucumber tomato salad will only set you back $5. The connected bar blasts reggaeton and hosts karaoke at night, but the soda retains a tranquilo atmosphere.



What to do: 


Rent stand up paddleboards and watch the sunset from the ocean

Swim to the nearby island and lay on its white sand shore

Bike outside of town to nearby Playa Carillo, Buena Vista, or Playa Barrigona

Lay contently in your hammock overlooking the beach



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