Pura Vida - This American Girl

playa samara


Two words

that mean

so much.


playa samara horse


Two words

that tell

me to

slow down.


playa samara surf


To take

the time

to be.


playa samara


To live

to love

every moment.


playa samara


To let

life flow.


playa samara boats


To trust

that everything

is perfect.


playa samara palm tree


And know

this too

shall pass.


playa samara


Pura vida is so much more than two words.

It is letting go of what you can’t control.

It is accepting what life hands you and making the most of it.

It is finding happiness wherever you are, whoever you are.

It is sharing your light, positivity, and joy with the world.


Pura vida,

from me, from Costa Rica.
This post was inspired by something my lovely friend Kristen wrote. A woman who truly understands how to live in the land of pura vida. 

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