Find the Courage to Follow Your Dreams - This American Girl

bird flying beach


Do you ever

allow yourself

to dream?


mossy driftwood


To imagine something

so extraordinary

so incredible

so magical

the simple thought brings you joy?


ocean sunset


Do you embrace it?

Do you chase it?

Do you judge it?

Dismiss it?


beach shelter


Is there something

you have always wanted

but were too afraid

too ashamed

too “practical”

to pursue?


beach sunset


When others ask

what you want to do

who you want to be

do you hide

your true desires

because you feel

so foolish?


cocles sunset


Are you convinced

that they won’t believe

in you either?


punta cocles sunset


Are you too afraid

of your own dreams

to even tell yourself

what they are?


punta cocles sunset


Do you think

that because you are one person

in a world so big

who seems so ordinary

why should you be so lucky

so special

so blessed

to have everything

you could ever want?


Do you feel selfish

to even want

anything at all?


punta cocles coral sunset


What are your hopes?

What are your dreams?


Tell me. I will listen. I will not laugh. I will not judge.


punta cocles sunset


Look inside

and find your passion

your fire

your confidence

your courage

and love it.

Embrace it.

Own it.




Be proud

of everything

you want for yourself.

For your life.


beach moon cocles


You are deserving.

You are special.

You are capable.

You can dream.

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