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Luna Media Hostel




Today is my birthday.


My 26th birthday.


And I would by lying


if I said


that 26


did not scare me.


Cartagena Sweets


It sounds so serious.

Like I should have my life a little more figured out.

It feels…. old.


Ok I know most of you are rolling your eyes right now… but hear me out!


Cartagena Cafe


In the past, when I pictured myself over 25, I imagined a life very different from my own.

One with a career.

A partner.

And most certainly a place to live.


Luna Media Hostel


I think each of us imagines a life we believe we are supposed to have, at a certain age.


Are we too young to actualize certain dreams?



Too old to allow ourselves to have dreams at all?


Cartagena street


Well, today I urge myself, and all of you, to let go of expectations associated with your age.


Cartagena statue


Your age is not a benchmark for what the outside world considers achievement.

It is a measure of how much life you have lived.

How much you have grown.

A celebration of the gift of life. Your life.


Cartagena rooftops


Today is a reminder to celebrate myself.

Exactly where I am.

Exactly who I am.


Cartagena door
Today is a reminder that I have spent another year gaining experience, insight, and wisdom to connect deeper with the person I truly am.


Thank you for being a part of that year, and for celebrating with me today.



I took these photos in Cartagena, Colombia, an absolutely magical city dear to my heart. 

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