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Today is my birthday.


My 26th birthday.


And I would by lying


if I said


that 26


did not scare me.


Cartagena Sweets


It sounds so serious.

Like I should have my life a little more figured out.

It feels…. old.


Ok I know most of you are rolling your eyes right now… but hear me out!


Cartagena Cafe


In the past, when I pictured myself over 25, I imagined a life very different from my own.

One with a career.

A partner.

And most certainly a place to live.


Luna Media Hostel


I think each of us imagines a life we believe we are supposed to have, at a certain age.


Are we too young to actualize certain dreams?



Too old to allow ourselves to have dreams at all?


Cartagena street


Well, today I urge myself, and all of you, to let go of expectations associated with your age.


Cartagena statue


Your age is not a benchmark for what the outside world considers achievement.

It is a measure of how much life you have lived.

How much you have grown.

A celebration of the gift of life. Your life.


Cartagena rooftops


Today is a reminder to celebrate myself.

Exactly where I am.

Exactly who I am.


Cartagena door
Today is a reminder that I have spent another year gaining experience, insight, and wisdom to connect deeper with the person I truly am.


Thank you for being a part of that year, and for celebrating with me today.



I took these photos in Cartagena, Colombia, an absolutely magical city dear to my heart. 

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Hello beautiful soul,
In August 2018 I stopped blogging as This American Girl. You can continue the journey with us over at Earth Daughters where we walk the sacred path of feminine awakening. Will love to see you there if it speaks to you.
With love, Camille