You Don't Have to be Afraid - This American Girl



In one week I return to Seattle.

After exactly one year of travel.


With no home.

No car.

No money.

No plan.


And right now, what I feel, is afraid.


lagos cliff


Afraid of where I am.

Afraid of where I am going.

Afraid of returning to where I once was.


lagos steps


The fear is permeating my every move.

Prohibiting me from letting go and enjoying my time in this present moment.

Filling my mind with chatter.

Bringing my old friend anxiety for a visit.


lagos cliffs


And while I am still holding on

to this fear

I know

that it is not my friend.


lagos cliffs


Why do I, why do we all

allow fear of what has happened in the past

or what has not even happened at all


the way we are living in the present?


lagos cliff


Is it because we are scared

to be happy?

To succeed?

To defy our negativity with positivity?

To challenge the paradigms we have believed all of our lives with ideas that actually inspire us?


kayaking in lagos



there is no can or can not.

There is no should or should not.

There is only want or do not want.


lagos cliff


So if you want

if you truly want

then stop being afraid

and instead

just let.

Just be.


lagos beach


Now, in this moment, I remind myself

that my fear is not serving me

and I can let it go.


lagos beach


I can lift myself in ways I thought impossible.

I can achieve what I feared I could never.

I can live exactly the way that I want to live.


lagos beach


All because

the fear that held me back in the past

is no longer there.


lagos sunset


What are you afraid of?


Can you let it go

and trust

that everything you want and need

is possible?


If you allow it to be?


lagos sunset


Let go.

You have nothing to fear.

I promise.

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