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Many of you may know that I am back in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica after an incredible month of traveling through Panama and Colombia. My return to this magical jungle town has been a bittersweet reunion. Distance always makes the heart grow fonder, but being back I am reminded of the fine line Puerto Viejo sails between love and hate, heaven and hell.



How life here can be as nourishing as a mother’s womb, or as empty and cold as a concrete cell.


How everyone is accepted, yet every action is scrutinized.


Where crossing an unknown path can bring you high up on a mountain, or down low in a ditch.


And here, like everywhere, it is a choice.



I have seen many lost souls, running from something, someone, usually themselves, seek refuge, replacement, in the beauty, the community, the party that is Puerto Viejo.



Some cure their own cancer, others drink themselves to death.


Some find soul mates, others become disillusioned with love.


Some become balanced, peaceful, happy, while others tumble in a whirlwind of drama.



And when I see the negative effects of this town I love, on the people I love, it hurts me.

It hurts me because I know this place can heal.


Since my return, friends of mine have surrounded themselves in negativity. Fighting with one another in a way that I view as hurtful, useless, a waste of the precious time that we are afforded on Earth.


Some of them simply cannot see how much they are truly hurting each other, and in turn hurting themselves.


So today, I am asking them, and I am asking all of you, to send nothing to others, to the atmosphere, to your own soul, but love.


And ask yourselves…


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When someone hurts you

do you hurt them back?


Do you spend your time




over everything

that makes them




than you?


feet in the sand


Could it be

that they are human

and they love

and they hurt

just like you do


if they did something

that made you

feel so low?


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Do you want to be


who sees the anger

the threat

the negativity

in a person

and brings them down

or someone

who sees the fear

the insecurity

the humanity

in each of us

and lifts them up?


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Do you want to spend your time

your energy


someone else

for breaking you

when instead

you could be loving yourself back to whole?


Because it’s the people who hurt us most

who teach us most.


And you are not the one

to teach someone else

the lesson.

You are the one

to learn.


shell in hand


So look inside.


At your thoughts

your feelings

your actions



and learn to soften


learn to grow


learn to love.


beach feet


Because life is too beautiful

and too short

for anything else.



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