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Taganga Colombia


There is nothing


Taganga Beach


to do


Taganga Dog


in Taganga.


taganga boats




shopping taganga


There is nothing to do.


taganga christmas




mary in a cage taganga




taganga streets


quench your thirst on juice as fresh as Justin Bieber, the vendor transforming your variety into a tropical flurry


taganga bay


climb the limestone cliffs monitored by thieves, gawking at views along the way


Taganga beach chairs


rest your tootsie for a while


taganga kayak


rent a kayak unaware of headwinds


taganga playa grande


sing Reggaeton with your rowing guide


taganga playa grande


snag a snorkel from the dive boat and peer into the crystal clear water


colombia arepa


treat yourself to a Colombian arepa: hot fluffy cornmeal pockets stuffed with oozing cheese, guacamole, and an over easy egg


hammocks taganga


lounge in hammocks overlooking the mountains




stare romantically


taganga boats


at the many


boats taganga




taganga boats


beautiful boats


taganga sunset


indulge in a decadent meal at a world class restaurant costing less than that soggy sandwich at JFK


taganga sunset


watch the massive firey sun set over the bay


taganga sunset


painting the sky one hundred shades of pink


taganga sunset


and smile


taganga sunset


because you don’t have anything to do tomorrow


taganga sunset


except be in Taganga.


Where to sleep:

Hotel Divanga Bread and Breakfast


Where to eat: 

$13 for rosemary crostini with garlic shallot smear, pumpkin coconut soup, seared filet minon with potato gratin and dark raisin jus, and the moistest brownie you will ever eat topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Cafe Bonsai
$9 for homemade sourdough garlic bread, balsamic glazed beef skewers, tangy djion potato salad, and passionfruit dressed greens. Extensive tea selection, delicious baked goods and bread, and the best blended mojitos around.


What “to do”: 

Get your PADI for next to nothing
Take a trip out to Tayrona National Park
Spend the day tubing in Minca
Just be



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