Where I've Been Hiding - This American Girl

San blas islands beaches




I’ve missed you.




I’ve been thinking about you a lot.


San Blas Islands


In fact

there are so many things

I have wanted to say

but could not.


San Blas


You see

I’ve been away

with no internet

and at times, unable to even lift my head.


sailboat san blas


Hopping from one hopelessly beautiful tropical island to another


san blas


Saluting the sun with my yoga postures

often losing my balance

the sand eroding beneath me with the wash of each wave


san blas chichimae


Snorkeling the nearby reef with my fish friends

the sound of my breath drowning the thoughts in my mind


san blas fisherman


Feasting on freshly caught lobster prepared by the indigenous islanders

washing our dishes in the sea with the coarse white sand


San Blas Waysaddalup


Sharing stories with other travelers, the moon lighting the sea


sailboat san blas


Living on a very small sailboat, with no shower, with six others for six days, bathing in saltwater for the first four, my own sweat for the last two


san blas


Drinking warm, “earth” flavored water and turning down the ham, milk, and cheese the captain offered from a humid cabinet… there was no refrigerator onboard


Sailing San Blas


Enduring fifty… yes FIFTY solid hours of sailing induced naseau as we crossed the Caribbean, nothing around us but open water for miles


conch san blas


Surviving on nothing but a peanut butter sandwich for two days… my stomach would not hold anything else down


kuna yala sailboat


Trusting the ability of our drunken sailor as water sloshed into our cabin during all hours of the night, the vessel’s violent sways interrupting my dreams of home…




Now, in Colombia, I have never been so happy to rest my two feet on the ground.


And I can’t wait

to share the rest of my adventures

with all of you.



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