Sitting Still - This American Girl

on the beach


When you feel discomfort

do you shift

do you change

do you move?


Your hair

your partner

your job

your home


arrecife beach roots


Do you hop from one beach, one town, one country to another


to find contentment

somewhere, anywhere else?


Do you launch yourself into a new relationship

before the last one

even ended

because you’re so afraid

to sit

with your loss



Do you fill your day with appointments




to distract yourself

from truly feeling

what is inside?


Instead, do you ever just sit? Still?


beach waves


I rearranged my apartment at least once a week

changed my outfit three times a day

spent no more than two days in one place while I traveled the world


and I never felt so lost

and so confused.


And then

I began

to sit still.


sailboat puerto viejo beach


When the rain persisted

for a month

I did not go running to another coast.


When the traveler, the adventurer inside of me

was screaming to escape

I let her rest.


When the heartbreak

I diverted

by running

when it felt too hard

came back

into my world

I stopped

and said hello.

And smiled.

And knew

that it was time

to stop running

and instead

to let it go.


arrecife beach tide


Because only in stillness do we have the clarity

to know

what we feel

what we want

what we need.


If it hurts

let it.


If you feel stuck



If you think the pain will never subside

it will.


If you






feet in waves



I leave

for a new adventure

in Colombia


to keep


in my heart

and in my mind.

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Hello beautiful soul,
In August 2018 I stopped blogging as This American Girl. You can continue the journey with us over at Earth Daughters where we walk the sacred path of feminine awakening. Will love to see you there if it speaks to you.
With love, Camille