On Being Alone - This American Girl


When was the last time you were truly alone?



Alone with your mind.

Alone with your heart.

Alone with your breath.


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Away from friends. From family. From lovers.

Away from your phone. Your facebook. Your blog.

Away from the television. The internet. A book.


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Did you feel lonely? Watched? Pitied? Scared?

Or centered? Connected? Loved? Free?


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Ever felt completely alone in a crowded room?

Alone in the company of your best friend?

Alone in a relationship you thought would fill you so full?


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Ever felt content swimming in the ocean with no one else for miles?

Felt complete staring at the wonder of the world without someone there to distract you?

Felt pride, compassion, self love for doing one thing, anything, on your own and living beyond it?


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When I travel, alone, I feel all of these.

Sublime joy.

Deep sorrow.



But what I feel, is mine and mine alone.


Because we are all alone.


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But when our needs are fulfilled, from within, we will never be lonely.

We will always be loved.

We can liberate ourselves from our expectations of others.

And become oh so wholly and deeply complete in our own aloneness.


Because you, alone, are exactly what you need.

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