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Who is This American Girl?

This American Girl is a travel blog with a heart. I may write about exotic locations, gorgeous beaches, and wild adventures, but this blog is about so much more than that. This blog is first and foremost about inspiring people to see that they are worthy of living a spectacular life. You can read more about that here.

In addition to being a travel writer and photographer, I’m also a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher and Reiki Level II practitioner. My writing and my travels come from a place of mindfulness, and I aim to inspire my readers to live and travel with heart-centered intention. What does this mean? First and foremost honoring and respecting yourself, honoring and respecting everyone that you meet, honoring and respecting the local culture, and perhaps most importantly of all honoring the Earth.


Who Reads this American Girl?

This American Girl has reached millions of readers. I have a regular following of over 40,000 subscribers and those numbers continue to grow exponentially.

My main readership base includes women interested in long term travel with an emphasis on self discovery and personal wellness, from the USA aged 25-35. However This American Girl reaches all kinds of people, because its message resonates with everyone: empower yourself to choose happiness and freedom.


Some comments from my readers: 

“I am incredibly taken back by your blog and it is forcing me to re-evaluate my life. Keep blogging and inspiring – you are changing lives!”

“With just one article you’ve already played an important role in changing my life. I’m looking forward to your words of wisdom & resources throughout my journey!”

“First I must tell you that I am obsessed with your blog, it’s become my nightly ritual to read at least one previous entry along with the day’s current entry my bedtime story…and I feel with every entry it’s slowly changing my life.”

“You’re such an inspiration. I always felt like a bird with wings clipped, but now i feel like even sky is not a limit.”

You are the one who made me believe in what I dreamt of everyday for my whole life now and I finally know how I WILL be spending my time on chasing this dream.”


Who Has Worked With This American Girl?

Brands, tourism boards, hotels, retreat centers, restaurants, and tour companies have sponsored This American Girl including Nokia, Arc’teryx, Visit Costa Rica, Visit Finland, Visit Berlin, Visit Barcelona, and Blue Osa Yoga Resort.


I’ve written for dozens of magazines, websites, and blogs, including:

Marie Claire Magazine

Elephant Journal

Travel + Escape

International Living

Go See Write

Sole Sisters

The Freedom Experiment


Are you interested in working with This American Girl?


Drop me a line at or find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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