This American Girl
The Heartbreak of a Free Spirit

  Can you find love on the road? It’s one of the questions I receive most often from readers, and it’s undoubtedly the most difficult question for me to answer.  I have fallen in love with places and people and most certainly myself while wandering this beautiful earth. I......

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Love the One

Love the One

  Love the one who feels restless. Who thinks she needs to move to find happiness. Who thinks if she was here or there she’d find completeness. Love that one who wants more.     Love the one whose mind never stops running. Who’d like to have a thought...

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Travel Wellness Kit

My (NEW) Travel Wellness Kit

  When I’m traveling, I’m easy to spot.   I’m that girl stirring green powder into her fruit smoothie on the street in Thailand. The one sprinkling chia seeds on her breakfast at the hostel. The one brewing her own science experiments in her backpack to protect her from...

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About Me

Four years ago I decided to ditch the "American Dream" and create my own instead. Since then I've lived with my home on my back in over twenty countries, become a certified yoga teacher, and discovered the true meaning of happiness.

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