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Chin Up Beautiful

]   Life isn’t always easy for a girl     Do you feel like you have to be the smartest, the loudest, the boldest to be heard?     the prettiest, the sexiest, the chicest to be seen?     the most generous, most compliant, most selfless to...

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Traveling the World as a Woman

  I often hear when traveling on my own…   “Isn’t that dangerous?” Probably. What isn’t?   “Um, how do they treat women over there?” Like women?   “Well, do not, under any circumstances, fall in love.” No promises, but I’ll do my best.     Traveling alone, as...

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Loving Too Much

  Do you ever feel     like you love     too much?     Like everything would hurt less if you felt less? Gave less? Cared less?     Look Inside     Maybe it’s not that you love others too much     but instead  ...

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On Being Alone

On Being Alone

  When was the last time you were truly alone?     Alone with your mind. Alone with your heart. Alone with your breath.     Away from friends. From family. From lovers. Away from your phone. Your facebook. Your blog. Away from the television. The internet. A book....

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Go Ahead and Smile

  Pick a flower and put it in your hair.   Run into the ocean with reckless abandon.   Dance like all that exists is you and the music that surrounds you. Let go and laugh. At everything. At nothing at all.   Open your heart and show the...

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How I Eat When Traveling

  It is no secret to those who know me, even slightly, that I love to eat. I can talk endlessly about each crunch, lick, and chew. Often to the annoyance of others.     Lunch swirls in my head when breakfast has only touched my tongue. No meal,...

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Playa Cocles

Letting Go

    Are there things you need to let go of?     Too many pairs of impractical shoes Clothing you haven’t worn since another decade or dress size Unusual condiments you used once that now simply clutter your fridge Relationships that make you feel bad more often than...

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Four years ago I decided to ditch the "American Dream" and create my own instead. Since then I've lived with my home on my back in over twenty countries, become a certified yoga teacher, and discovered the true meaning of happiness.

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