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Laguna de Apoyo
August 05, 2013

Be Here Now

  Check in. Where are you?     Are you here?     Are you here with your body? Are you here with your breath?     Or have you reverted to the past? Have you bypassed to the future?     Are you retracing the steps that have......

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panama city gate

What Do You Need “To Do”?

  I have always been someone who loves making lists.   Tracking the many tasks I need to complete crossing items off of the list with a feeling of satisfaction knowing what I have accomplished.     I remember making lists of projects to finish for clients errands to...

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Only in America

  Today     Eat a hot dog     Have a few beers… before noon     Let your skin sizzle like the meat on the grill     Lay on a blanket in a grassy field     Snuggle under its warmth when the sun goes down...

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Find Your Bliss

  Do you ever stop to notice exactly what it is that brings you bliss?     What it takes for you to find that cathartic moment of overwhelming internal stillness     Where you feel complete unity perfect harmony around you? Within you?     When there is...

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Four years ago I decided to ditch the "American Dream" and create my own instead. Since then I've lived with my home on my back in over twenty countries, become a certified yoga teacher, and discovered the true meaning of happiness.

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